Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What was I thinking???/

Today was a pleasant day at work and there was lots of chatter about diet and exercise.  Some of the operating room nurses I work with are on a "Biggest Losers" challenge and doing well!  They discussed what was happening tonight at the "Y"  and it was a Zumba class.  During the discussion, I was invited to go along.  I giggled and wasn't sure but I saw an infomercial at 3 a.m. the other night and it looked kinda fun.  I didn't promise, wasn't sure but was pretty much talked into it when I left work. I had to see how Larry was doing when I got home, luckily I had put a pot roast in the crock pot for dinner so that was ready.  I asked if he minded when I had been home to see that he was good and all was well. So, 6:00 came and I was out the door. I pictured a small cozy class with a sweet teacher in an intimate setting....and walked into a big, MIRRORED room with about 50+ young fairly fit females. The instructor was fitter yet and muscley!  (medical term...) I'm feeling a little perspire-y.  I think, "well, I'll just stand in the back."  And, the music starts...very Latin and we are doing a version of the tango, then the cha-cha-cha.  And I am just cha-cha-ing. They go left and I go right.  Then the music changes and they do the "Flamenco" and I am still cha-cha-ing.  Remember I think no one can see me because I am in the back....but they turn and do it forward then which makes me in the front!  Now, I am really perspire-y.  I am thinking...these people could be auditioning and ready for "Dancing With the Stars" tomorrow night!  I was ready for "R U Dumber than a Fifth Grader"!  The longer it went, and believe me, I was watching the clock....I decided I needed a massage...lower back pain!  Then I thought of Dr. Jack, chiropractor extraordinaire, and making an after work appointment tomorrow.
But the best was yet to come....
There is a break and everyone ties on a brightly colored little jingley, shiney skirt...the kind that you see in those movies where they do turkish dances and wear gauzey masks and big rings.  These skirts tied on your hip and you were supposed to ....thrust and wiggle is all I can think of...as though you were hula hooping.  Oh my,...I am looking in the mirror, (I am  60!!) I am thinking!!! 
It was finally over.  The instructor said "You can't decide not to dislike Zumba until you have come at least 3 times."  I'm thinking "if I make it home alive..."
We walked out into the cold crisp air and a gorgeous sunset.  Would I do it again??
Yes!...No!...Yes!....No!!!....Well Maybe....     My shoulder hurts.....


Wander to the Wayside said...

I don't know anything about Zumba, but I do know that I don't like to exercize in public! Give me a good old personal dance workout at home to a hot tune, or a good brisk walk, and I'm good to go! In front of a mirror - never! But kudos to you for giving it a try!

yaya said...

You gave up the Board of Directors meetings of a nursing home for this? I so don't get it....Ok, I'm really proud of you. Remember when we would go to the Y when we were young, thinner than now and thinking stupidly we were fat, and we still sucked at exercise class? Remember Tai Chi? I can't even spell it and we couldn't even do it. Remember yoga? Wait, you liked that, it was me they didn't invite back. Maybe I shouldn't have fallen asleep at the end. Well, it's too bad it's on Tuesday nights and I'm working at the office or I really would be so in with you on this one. Have fun!

Hope said...

thank you for sharing your experience. sounds like some of my classes I attended. when I was 40 I decided to take tap dancing. walked into a class where every one there took tap before. Some were 5yrs and others were 8 to 10 yr. experience. well, you can imagine that. I, was beginner. Anyways, i stuck it out for the year and continued dancing for the next four until I broke a bone in my foot. Oh, well.

I say...try it again at least one more time and by then you should know if you want to go back a third time.

take care

Beth Dunn said...

Dancing is such a fun workout!

Donna said...

Oh my gosh, just too funny! I would have had the same reaction in that class! Get me out of there! I remember taking a few aerobics classes when they first were popular in the early 80's, feeling SO clutzy! I would rather not exercise in front of a mirror, let alone in front of a huge class!

L. P. said...

This sounds like the time we took up ballet - ha! And we were much MUCH younger:)

Blue said...

you have absolutely, positively, perfectly described my first (and only) experience with Zumba here...except they didn't have little skirts for us to put on. and the class was also a mix of men, women, and men who are kind of womenish ;-)

i haven't been back, but reading your post has made me think maybe i should get myself back to the gym classes. thanks for the inspiration, and also for always leaving such sweet comments on my blog!
blue ♥