Sunday, October 3, 2010

the Good, the Bad and the Ugly...

This week as been a  long, hard, tiring, not fun  week full of "life's moments".  Larry had a cataract surgery last week and this Wednesday, a week later, had a total knee replacement.  There was a  lot of pre-op testing, appointments and waiting. We were both thrilled when the cataract removal gave him such much better sight!  Before he left the operating room, he looked up at the clock and said "I can see that!"  This eye has had retinal problems and they did not promise him better sight, rather a maintaining of what was there. As the week progressed, he could see better and better and when he went in to be checked, his sight was 20/25! 
This week, Wednesday, he had his knee done and that was a little harder.  All went well, but post-op, he was soon tired of all things hospital!  Let's just say....he was not a happy camper! He had a fabulous surgeon and we had talked for a long time about home vs nursing home care with physical therapy (the best choice).  He has been through this before on the other knee and is a motivated patient because he wants to go immediately back to work.  We vacillated even in the hospital and when push came to crunch on Saturday morning when they  released him, -he just wanted to go home. So,....we rented a hospital bed, put it in the family room on the first floor....and this is his new room for the next couple of weeks.
My mother had a  philosophy about life that I loved..."always look for the next party, -look for the fun in things even when they really aren't" and it makes life go so much better.  So,...meals are now served on trays and there is something fun about that at first.  It stretches my imagination on preparing something visually, "cute" and appealing too. 

Then  it's delivered, downstairs and appreciated more than the average meal at the table...ha! I guess that once in a while it's good to have "life's moment's" because it helps you appreciate the ordinary everyday in a new way.   BOY, do I appreciate the ordinary everyday!!!

For a good, new recipe go to this link from the blog ."Seventh Smith"  I'm needing new ideas!!


yaya said...

You have been through the ringer these past weeks...I hope Larry is feeling better each day and also I hope he appreciates his wonderful wife! If anyone can make the ordinary extraordinary it would be you. I have something for you that I'll deliver hang in there friend and "this too shall pass" fav saying!

Wanda..... said...

Hope Larry's recuperation goes smoothly for the both of you, Donna and you get back to your ordinary days!

Hope said...

beautiful post! Very positive! I wish the best for you and your hubby. Thanks for sharing

Beth Dunn said...

You are a trooper and I love your mothers advice, always looking forward to the next party!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Donna so sorry honey that you have been put through so much in such a short time. Wow you have to be mentally and physcially exhausted.
Your hubby sounds like me...I do everything not to stay in a hospital isn't that horrible of me but I have a thing about them..haha
Glad you have him all set in your living room which by the way looks lovely even with a big bed in the corner.
Hang in there and I will say some prayers for the both of you.
Loved your post before this your pictures are just lovely. Especially the last one.
Love ya

Evie's Story said...

Bless your heart - what a week!

Thanks for linking up. Wish you were a "in real life friend"....think there is much I could learn from you:-) Beautiful post!

Donna said...

I'm so glad Larry's cataract surgery went well, I can't imagine having a knee replacement the following week! I hope he's doing ok. My hubs had knee surgery last month, though not nearly as extensive, just repaired torn cartilage. Even so, it was tough! So I will be thinking of you both, and wish for a complete, speedy recovery! BTW, I love your mom's philosophy! What great words to strive to live by!