Monday, April 21, 2008

Bailey's Baptism

Uh oh...sorry, don't know how to rotate this picture...hmmm.

We had such a nice weekend...Bailey was baptised Sunday, so all the kids were together, which is rare! Also, Mike just found out that he passed his Phd boards, so that was exciting as well. Here are a few memorable moments...

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Nautical Spring Fling...

Fisherman Larry was so desirious of his friend's boat last Summer that he decided to purchase one this Spring. He is a happy man now! See the happy man on his boat. I put the videos in the wrong order, second one first, so you may want to reverse the order to watch. We had our first lesson in "parking" and "motoring" yesterday. Today, we wanted to have our first sail...he untied from the dock, and tried to start, but stalled. We soon found ourselves in the middle of the marina floating the wrong way! A kind fisherman in a little boat pulled us back to our dock, where we found out what we were doing wrong, ....hmmmm, this is going to be an adventure!!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Yeah! It's Spring!!!

Last week I was gone to a nursing conference while Larry held down the fort. I went with two long time friends from nursing school. Conferences are stimulating and it's always good to see old friends! When I got home we went to see Bailey. This video was taken Sunday. The picture of Bailey eating was sent by Mike & Lori. The two of Cooper with his rubber duckie and red hat were sent by Tim & Joni. You can tell he thinks it's pretty special!