Wednesday, July 31, 2013

the Cabin

the Cabin
This past weekend we were invited to the Tennessee cabin of Chelsea's new in-laws, Ben & Brenda.  It was a loooong trip there but more than worth every mile!
Bryden on the dock outside the cabin with Paw-Paw,
caught his first fish.   They were in seventh heaven!

If I lived here, I would have breakfast in this spot every morning.  It was the most
peaceful place on earth.

Their speed boat could not dock in their cove so has to dock here.
Bryden and Whitney bringing it in.

 We did it all...every water thing you can do, swam, boated, jet skid.
Whitney here skiing....

looks just mah-velous!

almost ALL the

A restaurant on the lake where you can dock and eat....Amazing!

Brenda & Chelsea

Eating lunch

Water fun!

On the jet skis....I was a big woose and scared to death.  That's me
screaming you hear....pretending to be brave.

And at the end of the day, Larry trying...or
stay awake during dinner.

and the little one dreaming about it all!!! 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Birthday weekend.

The light house in of my favorite places.
 My birthday is ALWAYS on the hottest day of the year!  This year was no exception.  I love it though partly because of that and all the fun things you can do in the summer. We decided to take an adventure trip to Vermillion, a cute little town on the lake (Erie).  A few more adventures were with friends who blog too...Kathy's blog or Judi's blog if you want to read more.  The weekend was full of memories that made for a great time!
Dessert from my favorite French restaurant...mmmm!
The beach there.

The next day...went with three friends (l. Shay, me, Kathy, Becky)  to a "ghost hunt"...

at Malabar Farm. 

A story teller told some history of the farm that included murders and ghosts. 
It lasted until 1a.m. and was really fascinating.

The sunset was one of those that make you want to melt and
really added to the evening's charm.

We had s'mores and hot dogs...yum!

Then more mundane happenings on the home front...

Baby birds born in our bird "church" have been so much fun to watch.

We have been watching the parents go in and out for weeks making the nest,
then knew when the babies were born because mom was carrying food
home.  The cheeping is adorable.+

They carry this stuff out periodically too.  I don't even want to know...

I think his feathers on his head are like big eyebrows...they make me smile.
Like everything this weekend.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Chelsea married her long time love this weekend....she and Whitney got married at St. Andrew's State Park in Panama City Beach, Florida. It was a day that we thought might be rainy but was blessed with good weather instead.  This post is mostly pics of the event....
Megan, Whitney's mother and I packing to go.  Bryden took this

Perfect beach weather...

A great $5 toy!!

Waking up in paradise!!

Megan, Bryden and I made guest gift buckets...

Whitney's brother Alex and girlfriend Emily with Bryden

Step-mom Brenda with new grandson Tuff

Whitney's dad master barbecue-er Ben

the couple with all the moms...

Rehearsal dinner with Whitney's family and special "guest" Pastor Mitchell 

other end of table with our family

Whitney's step brothers Cam and Kit with their significant others
 Jordan & Amber.

with Grandma Effie in the middle of her sisters, Bertha and Wanda.  These
ladies are just TOO much fun when they get together!!!
Dear friends Megan and Aaron with C,W & B.

Wedding day....we all woke to find that the younger crowd had stayed up
 late to write this in seaweed.  Chelsea was blown away!!

Bryden running into Whitney's arms...

He didn't like " wearing a flower" so Whitney
told him he was wearing one too!

the setting...

I made the ring pillow....

I went up to check on Chels right before things were beginning.  She
said, "go back down...I just want to start and get married!" 

Who gives this woman?...

Whitney's dad reading Bible passages...

Pastor Mitchell with the rings that ring bearer Bryden brought up.


the cake...


cutting of the cake...

Whitney surprised Chelsea with a song...and they lived Happily Ever After!