Monday, October 4, 2010

Mr. Cheer us up is walking!!!!

Chelsea brought Bryden for a visit today...he was a good cheer-up for both of us!!  Chelsea decided to leave him for a brief time and do an errand while he kept us company.  She called to see what he was doing...I put her on speaker and he "gets" it!  He grins and certainly acts as though he knows who is on the other end.  It's fun to watch but I did not capture how amazed he is.  He tries to "talk" to her, so funny!!
He finally got his other front tooth and now has a real smile!  He is also beginning to walk and takes a few steps at a time....he will be 10 months old on Wednesday!!


yaya said...

Cute hat Bryden! When I saw the post title "Mr. Cheer" I thought for sure it was Larry up and walking! Hope all is well there...missed you tonight at Board meeting? Can I interest you in some dinner tickets??? HaHaHa!

Wander to the Wayside said...

Isn't that cute - and look at your smile!

I have an old answering machine in the office closet that I will probably never throw away, because it has Garrett's first phone message to us. He gets the answering message, but doesn't realize it's a message, and keeps saying "mawmaw, where are you?', 'pawpaw, are you there? MAWMAW! MAWMAW!". Every time I listen to it I you will when you look at this little video twenty years from now!