Saturday, October 30, 2010

4 Generations

I know this is a really grainy, small picture but it's from  my phone since I had forgotten my camera. I was happy to have it anyway since it's hard to get family together sometimes.   This is Larry's dad who is almost 90 and our grandson Bryden who is 10 months old.  Joe was so happy to see the baby and just enjoyed sitting and holding him. Irene (Larry's mom) isn't able to hold him because she is a little more fragile. When I look at the two of them I think of the "circle of life" and how special it is that Joe and Irene get to see this generation.  My parents never got the chance to see the last 2 great grand children and my mother saw none at all.  She would have loved  being with them!  I often think of the mundane "little" things she would have been amazed at.  Right now Bryden has started walking and saying little words, he imitates things....clapping and waving bye-bye....things that make you so happy to watch the second time around! I don't take for granted anymore the gift of life and how even the little things are somehow just special. Joe did no more than hold Bryden for a long while.  Thank good ness this little "on-the-go" guy was somehow perceptive of the mood in the room and sat quietly.  It may have helped that it was nap time and he was tired, but he sat like he knew that he needed to be good.  Joe just absorbed him and  it was sweet to watch. 
Don't you wish that the world was like that?  So happy just to be here that we didn't have to have terrorism or bullying or problems like that?  Life is short and we need to enjoy it.  If you are lucky enough to see 4 generations, are so blessed!!
Hmmm, I'm on 3, yowie! 


yaya said...

What sweet post...I'm glad Uncle Joe got to have a fun day with Bryden. I enjoyed seeing Bryden on Friday! He is a sweetie. Very attached to his Gramma too! Have a great weekend!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Donna this was a really sweet post of your family. Sad that your mom and dad were not there too. My dad died young so he did not get to see my grandkids but my mom did before she passed away so grateful for that because she really loved being around them.
I too wish life were like this all the time and no worries about how crazy things have gotten.
God Bless you and your family
Did I ever tell you that one time I had Captain by the name of Larry Starkey. lol

Cheryl said...

What a beautiful post - thank you. It reminded me of the one photo I have of four generations in our fammily. My great grandmother, grandmother, sister and my niece. Great Gran died not long afterwards. I hear how you miss you parents. Thanks for sharing.