Monday, August 22, 2011

Waterfight and other fun!

 It was a relaxing Sunday of silliness and that's always a good way to start the week! Mike & Lori brought the girls...and (above) are Bailey and Bryden, cousin bonding over a favorite...Scoobie!  
We picnic-ed on the deck following a light rain.  Here are Lori and Emma having appetizers!

-and Gramps and Bryden discussing the afternoon strategy.

Another rain followed so we were stranded indoors for a while.  I had the world's greatest grandmother who always had special things at her house for us grandchildren.  Consequently, I have been waiting my whole life for grandchildren so I could echo her.  I have collected treasures that I thought they might like, forever, it seems.  Bailey explored these while we waited for the rain to clear up.

Emma found a few of her looking like "Minnie Pearl"!

Mike & Lori started the "war" that continued outside...

later.  Each person found his/her own version of a squirt gun and battled it out!! This is Emma with a pig gun.

Bailey's gun wasn't working well enough...Grandpa had the best one.  She resorted to a pail of water.  Her aim was off so her dad helped her out a bit....
Grandpa hid in the playhouse, thinking he was safe there.  But alas, Mike poured it in!  Grandpa came out looking very wet and looking for his next victim! 
The last laugh was on me, however, as I had to dry everything off today when Bryden and I went back!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Glass, a new OB and Anniversary weekend

The new OB atrium in our hospital...a new mom can come into this peaceful area to hold her baby, sit by the water (and I think, fire) feature to hold & rock her baby.

Another view of the atrium with skylight....

-Not finished yet but plants will be in pots and tables & chairs will be added...
Being in the glass business hubby, Larry has put glass into literally hundreds, maybe thousands of buildings during our married life.  They are all over the state of Ohio and a few in other states as well.  Many times we go through towns and cities where he says, "look over there...I put the glass in that building".  And I say, "Oh, that looks nice, honey...."
 This week, I was never prouder than when he completed a new OB in our very own Samaritan Hospital, where I work.  It is state of the art gorgeous and I have to say the glass is the crown jewel!  Here are a few pics of this area....

A patient delivery room...see light above end of bed to deliver baby!

Other end of  patient room...there is a fold-out futon here too for Dad to rest.

Bath room..note glass shower!

Another view of atrium...note glass skylights!!

Great job, Starkey Glass!! I think this new OB will be a  fabulous addition to our community!!!
This weekend we went to Columbus to see Cooper....oh, -and Co.
This was a "ride" that grandparents gave Cooper for his birthday.  He loves it and I think I want one too!!!

It's such a joy to watch him!  He is pure exuberance in everything he does!  He is the word FUN!!!
We took him to a splash park in a mall and sat by to enjoyable!
Some big green frog came to play...ha!

 Tim talking to son...

~Thoughtful gifts and flowers from friends...and a cake from Chelsea,  -thankyou!!!
This weekend was also our 40th anniversary.  We celebrated quietly.  We went to see the movie "the Help" which is Oscar worthy, in our opinion...we laughed, we cried, and we laughed again.  It took place in the 60's and we relived that time all over once more. Then we had a sunset dinner in an extravagant restaurant talking about all the changes we had seen in the world during 40 years.  I toasted to 40 more.  Larry groaned and said..."gee, I hope we don't live to be that old!"  ~And so it goes....

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Tim, here with 18 mo.old nephew Bryden

This child has been here  a lot this summer and is learning to help me water take the hose and shoot up!!

This summer has flown by!  I think I have done only 4 posts all summer and haven't spent more than 4 hours total on the computer. Besides being busy, we've lost our air conditioning twice this hot summer, the refrigerator died too, -we've had a skunk invasion (!), and major car repairs, plus miscellaneous other misadventures too many to mention!  But everyone is healthy and you have to count blessings too.   I've missed reading my favorite blogs and sincerely hope fall brings a quieter time!  This week brought a bit of fun though, seeing all members of the family and that's always great.

Besides eating ice cream, Bryden keeps me going with learning a new word a day.  I have to laugh at some of the ways he says things...these pictures just say "more, please"!
His next favorite word is "bubbles"...


We got to see the girls this weekend too. Miss sweetheart Emma, being her sweet self...

Bailey too!!

We ate in a new Michael Simon restaurant...good burgers!!

Bailey playing a table game of "hide n' seek".

Uncle Mike and Bryden
Lori and Emma

A good time was had by all!!