Monday, February 17, 2014

Wild, Wonderful Valentine Weekend!

They all still like to get out my (chemo) wigs and play with them.
Ahhhhh, probably thought it was a different kind of wild weekend, didn't you??  But if you know me, you know it's probably all about the grands.  We invited them for their first ever combined sleepover at our house.  Getting them together with all the schedules isn't easy, but worth it and FUN!!
Larry and I went to the dollar store and found some prizes and goodies that turned out to be a hit.  The fathers (my sons) said it was all a hurricane disaster the next morning when they helped clean up...ha! 

We blew up our $26 air mattress....the hit of the evening.
 They bounced on it using it like a trampoline,
Bailey showed us her gymnastic skills on it,
 they lined up to watch cartoon movies on it and finally
they slept on it.

We had a tea party complete with animal crackers and "tea". 
(Cooper wasn't into this

We played dress-up, detective and archery.  Then had pizza,popcorn
and s'mores over the fireplace.  They go together don't they??

Sleeping arrangements were pretty easy..
.Me on couch above and kids on mattress, just big enough.
 Cooper decided to go up stairs to sleep with his dad.

Breakfast was red pancakes (not very popular..."where are the REAL ones??)
bacon, and donuts. Nutrition...out the window for this paartay.

But all had a great time and are ready to do it again....Larry and I
cleaned for 2 hours and then took a L.O.N.G nap! 
Getting old?....not me!