Sunday, March 24, 2013

What I blog for...

This weekend we got to see three of our "Fab Four".  We always enjoy them all and watching their little imaginations at work.  Each has his/her own special personalities and talents.  I love to preserve it here for the future and see them grow, as well as remember some of the things that we did.
Bailey is very taking apart a new gadget.
And Emma (best known for her curls) is just a sweetie!
The day was nice...there was a lot of hugging...

between us all.

We played 'hide n' seek" and found all the best places, played "duck, duck, goose" and others.

The girls played doctor...

and took turns healing each other. 

Emma started running out of steam...

but not her sister!

Ah, yes, all good things must come to an end.

Do sugar plum fairies dance this time of the year??

Then, the next night we had Bryden for a couple of hours.  He
has become a good little artist.

Studies things (not too long...) and paints.

I was impressed with the symmetry of his painting. 
He said it was his! 
Precious children!!

Saturday, March 16, 2013


This little goodie was filled with a chocolate creme...yum!!
 What could be better on a grey winter day than chocolate?!?  Co-worker and friend Stephanie and I went to a Chocolate festival fundraiser at Trinity Lutheran, my church.  There were many vendors and all had great chocolate things to sample!! We walked around and found lots of goodies.  Most fun was seeing friends that neither of us had seen in  a long time.
The idea was that you bought tickets for a dollar and samples cost that much.  We each spent about $10 toward a good cause and gained at least 2 lb! They had free popcorn, crafts for kids, face painting etc.  -something for everyone, but Steph & I headed for the chocolate stuff!!
Stephanie buying tickets

These are cute for Easter

A fabulous cake made by caterer "Fergie's on Main"

Other fun amenities were here relaxed!!

Stephanie getting her!!!

The whole gym full of vendors

Last but not least, fun goodies for St. Patty's Day...delish!!!
Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!!! 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

It's hard to believe that I haven't posted but ONE time in 2013.  My computer died for a while and getting it up and running was major.  Then I went back to work in January and it really kicked my derriere. I come home each day, we eat dinner early and I go to bed! I think it is really good for me though and energy is just starting to return....a little.

So life goes on and here are a few pictures of events that are important to me...mostly loved ones birthdays.

This is Luke...dear friend Debby's grandson at his first birthday.

And here with cousin Emily.  Does he look over-excited about all the festivities??

And here with Emily's brother Owen...what cuties!

Best Present?...the wrapping paper.  Ha!

The next fun activity that we witnessed was Chelsea and Whitney skiing.

It was fun to watch them on the chair lift etc.

Bryden's best

It makes me happy to see them so happy!!

In the lodge getting something warm to drink afterward.

Next event was Emma's THIRD birthday...

LOVE this picture of Emma...her sweet blond curly hair looking at her uncle Tim.

Blowing out her candles
Then we woke up one morning after a wind storm with a tree down in our yard. 
Bless Whitney for coming over one freezing Saturday without asking, chopping it up and
 trucking it away.

Bryden and I went out to watch

Chelsea helped too and Bryden looked for butterflies...hmmm.

The chain saw died so he resorted to our good old ax...way to go Whit!!!

Little did he know that we were planning a surprise party for his THIRTYith birthday!

Both Chelsea and I ordered cakes unknown to each other!  (his gorgous mom on right)

Happy thirty Whit!!!

And last but far from least  was my partner in crime, Kathy's SIXTYeth birthday!!
  Does she look 60...hey, not a day over 35!!!! (She did a wonderful post about turning
this age, click on Kathy to read)

Happy, happy birthday to Kathy
and all the rest this month too....I love you all!!