Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Bryden wanting to put his finger in Larry's cake!

Lately, I've had little time to blog.  The new computer system at work is up and running and has been very time consuming. Working on Chelsea's house and babysitting have made the summer fly by. We took time out for celebrations this past week though. Larry's birthday, and Father's day came and Mike& Tim's is imminent, so we celebrated it all!  My sister came from Illinois to visit coincidentally too, so she  celebrated with us.

Bailey & Emma, our sweet little cupcakes!!
Mike & Lori decided to cook out and here is dessert!!  We had great fun deciding which cupcake to choose...delicious!
Emma says "YUM!!"


Cousins Emma & Bryden

the train...

Me, giving a helping hand...

A sweet moment with my sister and Emma
 It was fun just watching them all play.
Lori and Bailey

Looking so grown up!

Sister Lynn on the pontoon

Grandpa and Bryden

This video just makes me laugh!  I could watch it all day! (I hope to be back to reading my favorite blogs again....soon.) 

Friday, June 17, 2011

My little peep and the Peepers

 Today was one of those summer days that you wish would last all year!  It was warm but not too warm and low humidity.  I was babysitting Bryden and gave up trying to get even one thing anything done.  I just sat in a chair and watched him play.  There is nothing so entertaining or sweet as watching an 18 month old play!  You can see the wheels turning.

He was really enjoying his lawnmower today.  It has sounds like a motor and he thinks he is really driving.  It shoots bubbles out the back and he can say "bubbles" too.
While he was mowing, I was playing...taking in the yard this time of the year, when everything is green makes me happy.
The irises are blooming for the third time this year....

This color is my favorite!

Bryden discovered a bugcatcher in the playhouse so we went searching for something to put in it.

We soon found that there are many of these little frogs in the yard right now.  When we were little, we called them "peepers".    Bryden was fascinated by them.

It was a day of simply drinking in the summer and this toddler.  A simple day but one that you can never get enough of. I hope he remembers it someday like I always will. It reminded me so much of my summers growing up, visiting my grandparents in Wisconsin.  They had 10 acres in the countryside  and it was always so green there.  My grandmother thought of the most fun things to do to entertain us, but just being there was good enough.

I can hear the little peepers now that it's getting dark.  I wonder if this little go-getter is closing his peepers?  Tomorrow he'll be ready to go again!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sing it one more time, happy boy!!

A package arrived this week that made me say "better late than never..." 
 It contained these cute cupcake papers and sprinkles and these...
cupcake toppers!!  I saw them on another blog and ordered some for Cooper's birthday.  I posted about his party last week because that was when his party was however, his birthday is tomorrow. Tim & Joni came to visit yesterday, so I made these for one last hurrah.

He is a super hero aficionado so I knew he'd probably like them, still couldn't wait to see his reaction.
He's super excited about whatever is going on.  He's really so much fun to have around!  He kept throwing his head back and saying "it's MY birthday tomorrow....sing it to me one more time!" lol  And we'd all sing one more round of "Happy Birthday".  Oh to be 4 again!
Tim & Joni with nephew Bryden
After dinner, we were all tired but enjoyed watching the kids, when it started to rain...hard!

The creek running fast...
We went down to the porch and watched the creek and made popcorn....like watching a movie and almost as entertaining.

Then the story telling started...first Grandpa Larry told a scary tale, then Cooper told a taller one!  That boy has it DOWN!!

Rain brings a good night's sleep...Cooper woke ready to make blueberry pancakes and start the day.  Happy (second time around...) birthday little guy!!

Speaking of which, it's friend, Emily's birthday this weekend too!  Bryden had a good time playing with her this week.

Didn't get a good face shot because they were having too much fun, but "Happy Birthday Emily" too!!!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Working hard and hardly working....

 I haven't blogged much lately because we have a major project going on at work and another at home.  The work one is a new hospital wide computer system that involves a lot of classes and a whole new learning curve. They tell us to think of it as starting a whole new job.  I miss reading and commenting on my favorite blogs but don't see much change till the end of summer.
The new project at home is an older home that we are helping Chelsea renovate which she will move into later this summer.  I'll post before and after pics when we get done.
Today was a free day for just babysitting (yay!) and Larry suggested we go to the outlet stores and ride their train.  It's a promotional thing but the kids all love it and we didn't even shop...just rode.
At first Bryden didn't know what to think of it all and was a little timid.

He checked out the other kids and saw that they were not afraid.  Pretty soon he was giggling and waving to the passersby. 

 Chelsea came for a late lunch and then went to work.  It was nice to just have time to sit and talk!
 Larry did yard work yesterday while I was at an all day class for this new work thing and then continued today.  He really worked hard and it looks great!
Then there is Bryden here, working hard at playing.  We think he is soooo smart because he is finally starting to listen and responds well to things we tell him. (putting things away etc.) Tonight before bed, we had "60 minutes" on TV.  They were talking about Lady Gaga.  He still takes a rare bottle and calls it a "baba".  He looked at the TV and said "Gaga". Not sure that was a good thing...but we thought it was certainly quick!!
 Then we went outside and he found his bat and ball.
 He is quickly getting the hang of what to do with this...mostly chasing the ball! It's a real hoot to watch!
It's when you say in your head..."boys will be boys"!