Monday, August 30, 2010

Rachel's Wedding

This was the view from our Chicago hotel window where we just spent a long weekend traveling for the wedding of my niece Rachel, in Iowa. We started out here because my parents used to live very near and it's like coming home to return. We spent a couple of days de-stressing from life before going on. The hotel was getting ready for a wedding too.

Larry always finds one of these machines...he's an expert in winning!

-then he was a happy camper!

The best part of the wedding weekend as far as I was concerned was seeing my sister Lynn, the mother of the bride, -so happy! She has been looking forward to this wedding for a long time. (They dated 6 years!)

She was thrilled and looked like Cinderella! The location of the wedding was close to the Mississippi River -in the background.

The flowergirl, Crystal, is the groom's daughter. My sister and her husband Jim are also thrilled that they have a new built-in grandaughter!!

An ususual aspect of the wedding was that Jim is also a Lutheran pastor and helped perform the ceremony, which made it that much more meaningful. Before the service here, with Jon, their son.

Walking Lynn down the aisle...
The wedding party...
Mr & Mrs. Bryan Brogan!!

Lynn spent many hours making Rachel's gown at her request. She said it was "like a hug" for her to wear.

Taking pictures at the reception.

The kiss...

Rachel's new in-laws...

Jim giving a father of the bride toast...

Cutting the cake...and off to an Alaska cruise on their honeymoon.

Sisters...Lynn & me, a beautiful wedding, a beautiful day. (We used to have the same colored hair, I'm thinkin' she has more fun these days...)

On the way home we went to Wisconsin to stop at cousin Joel's farm....

Always a serene, picturesque place to be.

Larry mentioned many times on the way home how much he loved this farm.
Kathy is an amazing cook and in her charming kitchen!
The view from their patio....a stark contrast from the hustle and bustle of Chicago. Such peace here.
And last stop was putting wedding flowers on Mom & Dad's graves in Luther Valley. They would have loved to have been a part of the festivites. It makes you reflect on the circle of life and all that is important, short and fragile about it.
Congrats and happy future, Mr & Mrs Brogan!!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Came for a quick visit this evening with Tim. It was short but sweet. Sometimes those are the most special moments and you savor them while they last. This is a smile he gave me, -ha!
Waving hello to Grandpa coming down the drive.

Dinner time....the many faces of Cooper....

He lives life to the fullest and never a dull moment! Just being around him is entertaining!
He likes to talk so we knew the walkie-talkies would be a hit, teaching him to use them was amusing!

He tells stories about school that leave you in, it's just about how he likes his red pants!
Grandpa surprised him with a new batman helmet.

He turns into "Cooperman"!!!

"But I won't scare you, Paw-Paw!" (my name when he can't remember any other...)
Don't worry, it wasn't in his eyes very long.
Over all too soon and ready to go back home...even a smile on his face then! Thanks for the visit guys!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Sometimes it's just fun to play...

Babysitting tonight.... He is just finding his sealegs but gets around very well. Just fun to watch him and pick him up for a hug now and then...
Um-hmmm, already looking around for the next adventure!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bailey swimming

Bailey has been taking swim lessons.

So has her doll!!!

AND baby Emma.

She sure looks happiest on the raft!

Emma's newest trick is turning over!

So proud of her.

What a pair!!