Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Winter is good for this....and this only!

Bryden came to visit and remembering last year, seeing the snow and hills, asked if we could go sledding.  We thought that sounded like an adventure so dug out the inner tube....the easiest thing for our yard.
Boy's best friend "Heff" (for heifer -with black & white spots) came along.
Heff is a bit of an instigator and loving the snow and water....jumped into the creek.  I told Bryden  several times to get back but soon he "fell" in. Fun in the summer, not so much in the winter! Rescue was swift.
Then we tried the sled.  It goes zero miles an hour pretty slow  when the weight is in the front!
So we tried going down the drive...that was fun!

Still grinning....
But smile turned upside down when too cold....brrrr!
Hot chocolate to the rescue!  I really can't believe that I am adding this photo, sans wig.  Hair has grown to this length and THIS color!!! Not sure how I feel about leaving it this way.  Many comments both ways so I'm not in a hurry to decide.
Kathy alias: Yaya made this beautiful creation as she does every year....New Year's Greek Coin Bread.  When it is cut, the person who gets the slice with the coin in it, has good luck all year.  I said my silent "Please let it be me, please, please, please..." but, it was Larry.  Oh well, he really needs it too!!!