Monday, September 17, 2012

It Comes This Time Every Year....

Yes, One can set their clock by it....the Ashland County Fair!!!

Our family loves it.  Even though we didn't have much family here this year for it, but the ones that were, enjoyed it immensely!  Here is Bryden in the petting zoo.  We were careful to use hand sanitizer after each pet experience and before all food.   Paranoia or common sense?

Bryden was so excited to be the right height for the "baby rides".  

Paw-paw had just as good a times as Bryden!!

The look says it all....

One of Larry's favorite things to do at the fair...see if he can win a toy for the kids.  he won many for our children when they were small,...but alas, none for poor Bryden.

Tame but wild and woolly for this little guy.

Waving good-bye

Last but not least...the goodies, -yum!!!

And when we got home, there was poor mama standing waiting patiently by the door.    She had oral surgery today and was hurting but couldn't wait to see her little guy!  I was anxious to see the outcome of her latest project...this painting.  I just love it!  

My daughter-the artist.  Her birthday is this week.  She is my "Fair Baby'. lol!  Happy Birthday Chelsea!!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Bailey's 5th!!!

Bailey turned 5 this week and today was her party.  We were thrilled to be able to go and participate in the festivities!
The venue was a "house of  bounce" and it's the perfect place for kids who have tons of energy. 

Sister Emma was on hand to wish the birthday girl the best.  Doesn't her hair fit "house of bounce"?? 

Clever mother Lori made this candy bar for kids to fill up buckets and take home.
I really wanted to be a kid....

11 little girlfriends came so it was a real girl's day.

Lori also made these cupcakes...

I thought they were amazing! (good too!)

Paw-paw enjoyed flirting with Emma

while Bailey opened treasures.

Just LOVE this child's H.A.I.R!!!

Grandpa Jim and Aunt Jamie playing with girls

Bailey blowing out her candles...Happy Birthday 5 year old!!  I know what I'd wish for...

The fam waving good-bye!!

P.S.  For those of you asking...chemo is over for me and I am into my second week of radiation.  It is all going well, ~thank you.