Sunday, March 2, 2014

Once again, catching up....

Miss 4 year old Emma
 February is a big birthday month  around here...Emma (and her grandma -last of Jan, grandpa, & aunt are all within a week or so. ) then Whitney's is 8 days sooner.  It's paar~tay time!!

The newest celebrator baby cousin Luke.  Happy birthday Aunt Jamie!!

Lori made the cakes...too cute!!

Emma getting ready to open gifts...maybe kicking them gives a hint of what's inside?

Cousin Cooper

Hugs all around

the guests

the girls

Whitney's festivities in the evening with his family

What could be better than this for a cake??

Yesterday went to a church conference (550 women!) with a group
 of friends from work.
  It was one of those inspiring days where you laugh, cry,
sing and everything in between.
A great way to begin the weekend!!