Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkins...(Weekend Part 1 of 3)

Larry felt good today and we got an invitation to go see the girls.  The weather was gorgeous for a trip so off we went to see these cute little pumpkins!!!

Bailey had gotten some new toys that you take apart and put together so she was showing us how they worked...

Emma had been napping and just got such a good mood, so sweet!!
Then she got dressed...
and posed for me.  I've been trying photo editing and they make the perfect subjects! 
These are pumpkin hats that I found at a craft bazaar last weekend...I could hardly wait to try them on the girls...
Thank you Bailey & Emma!!

And last but not least,...a family shot!


Jennnifer said...

Just a beautiful family!

Wander to the Wayside said...

Your camera tooks great photos, as does the photograper - you have a good eye! And a lovely family makes it easier! Love the pumpkin hats.

Hope said...

beautiful photo's. love those pumpkin hats!
thank you for you comment and kind words on my blog, Donna.
I hope you have a terrific week
take care

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Honey your family pictures are just too wonderful and adorable. What a lovely day you had and I am so happy you got to go see them.
Now this is the kind of day I visioned with mine but not to be.
Thanks Donna for leaving such a sweet comment about my disappointing weekend but I should not set my expectations so high.
Enjoyed my visit and catching up today with you.
I love that you showed your visit to Whispering Pines. How great your pictures are too in that post. I love her site as well
Love ya

yaya said...

You could go pro girlfriend! Nice pics. I need to have you tutor me in photo shop and pic taking in general. Of course it helps to have such cute subjects! I love the hats on them!

Nezzy said...

Oh sweetie, Bailey and Emma are just the perfect little 'pumpkin heads'!
They are just adorable and girl you are soooo blessed!

I just wanted to thank you for poppin' over with your sweet comment. Please, drop in often. The door of the Ponderosa is always open.

God bless ya from the beautiful hills and hollers of the Missouri Ozarks!!!

Cheryl said...

Gorgeous photos and loved the Party pics from Whispering Pines too. Those girls are going to be heart breakers. Thanks for your comments on Scrubby Bush - come and join in the novel writing. It's my first time and I'm daunted too but nothing ventured...

Katie said...

Cute hats! I have never seen those before.

Beautiful family picture!

Jennnifer said...

That sounds like so much fun your comment about going to Ireland and picking your plaid! I hope to get there someday. We can pass along the family stories too!

Miss Baptista said...

The little ones pose verry well !
And you make adorable pictures. The colour off their dresses is fab !
Thank you for your lovely comments, you're so sweet.

Sue said...

What darling girls!