Friday, January 28, 2011

Busy Beaver...

 From the minute this little guy comes in the door...he is one busy little beaver!
 You can see the wheels turning and you wonder what he is thinking or where he will turn he is running to get there!
 Today was kinda fun because he was on "slo-mo"....which means he was only 1/2 as fast...which means I could almost keep up!! He was playing with toys for more that 30 seconds and focused in on one that he really enjoyed.
 I get a kick out of how seriously he plays almost like it's his work. It's so much fun to when our kids were little...all the things I've forgotten.
 Concentrating, learning....
Until it wears him ....all...out! (~and moi too)

Monday, January 24, 2011


 White is not really my favorite color,...except when it comes to the color of our dog Scoobie .( He came named...we have more of an imagination than to name him that! why didn't we change it....-shoulders shrugging-) If I didn't watch him he could get lost in the snow!
 Scoob hates winter more than I do...which is saying a lot! I watched the news tonight and there was a big dog that had made it through two days being left outside, food frozen over.  He was rescued and taken to a shelter.  His companion, a shitzu died.  The owner was up on charges of animal cruelty.  Those stories do me in! 
 I wait by the door for this little guy. When Scoob has to go "out", he makes a little path right next to the house and rambles up a bit...
 then he mosies back to the step
and back again, never venturing too far....
 and looks up at me to come and get him.
Debbie @ Debbie-Debbie Doos asked me to post this link to her doggie party.  She has a lot of cute pooches linked up if you'd like to view or put add yours!!
Scoob's my giggle for a cold, cold day!!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Not into them...REALLY!!

Today Kerri over at the Pleasures of My Life gave me this award.  Thanks Kerri!!!  I'm feeling very humble because I  really don't do awards as this is just a journal of my life. And so, this is the first and last award I will receive. (ask Hope over at Poetry by Hope . Hope is a mother of 6 and wonderful poet who tried to give me an award earlier)  I'm supposed to pass this award along to 5 other blogs and tell 7 things about myself...hmmm, what to say....
First, I will pass this along to blogs that I look forward to reading :
1. Whispering Pines...this blog is authored by a good friend of mine, Kathy, who has a fabulous sense of humor and writes about  her'll enjoy her style!
2.  Collage of Life...this is one truely stylish blog!  Jeanne writes from Great Britain where she has 4 children, travels a great deal, lives in a beautiful house and photographs it all magnificently! 
3.  Resolved2Worship...this is a popular blog written by a mother, (Alyssa) of 7 children with number 8 on the way.  She is a photographer of children's clothes and her photos of her own children are just phenomenol!  She is a wonderful mother and her life's view's to me are wonderfully "stylish"!
4.  Seventh a blog written, again by a marvelous southern mother who has 5 beautiful children, the last born with a heart defect.  Mandy is pregnant with #6 and found that she too, has a heart condition whereby she may have to deliver early.  She is a brave lady with great faith who in my book is very "stylish"!!
5. and last but way not least is Just Between You and Me... and Cow Patty Surprise...sorry it's a tie!  These blogs keep me laughing because they have "blarney style"!  Their posts make you giggle because of their style of writing. Maggie, ie "Grandma Yellow Hair" writes about real life in the good and bad, it's sometimes sad too but never fails to entertain!  Nezzy writes about the Ozark farm that she lives on and there is a surprise always right around the corner!
Have fun reading!!!
OK...7 things about myself...

Cooper & Larry

Grandchildren Cooper, Emma, & Bailey

....I love these 7 people (OK 8 ) with all my heart...sorry, -taking the easy way out!

Our children Mike, Chelsea & Tim
Grandson Bryden

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Asking for prayers today for Mandy over at Seventh Smith. She is a wonderful mother to five children and is pregnant with her sixth child.  Her last one had a heart defect and multiple surgeries but is now three and thankfully very healthy.  Mandy has just learned that she herself has an aortic defect that may involve taking her unborn child prematurely to repair her heart burdened by the pregnancy. Please pray for her.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Debby!!

Today I baked Red Velvet cupcakes for friend Debby's birthday (really Monday). I used to make a cake from scratch from my mother's recipe and hers were always gorgeous!  Mine, however, always turned out flat!! Sooo....these are made from a box mix...good and problem solved!
Debby & I have been friends for almost 40 years since first getting married.  Can it really be that long ago?? Gee, we still seem young except conversation over dinner used to be about our children and their it seems to be about our grandchildren and a few odd aches and pains!
 Dinner was to be Debby's favorite...Chinese take-out!!
 Then got a last minute phone call for one extra visitor...son Mike who after work drove an hour to get here with Grandpa Joe's hearing aid...again! He's a saint, that's all I have to say!  Anyway, it was fun to see him and a bonus for us!!
 January is not only Debby's birthday but also both my parents and daughter-in-law' it is/was a busy month.  Today was 8* in my car going to the grocery store, the radio said -10* windchill and it felt that cold!  I told Debby tonight that her birthday is on the coldest day of the year and mine is always on the hottest!! (July!)
Happy Birthday Debby and many, any more!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fire in Our Little Town....

This morning I awoke to the sound of "choppers".  Our hospital has a heliport and whenever we lifeflight anyone out, we hear the chopper sounds.    When I hear those sounds, I say a little prayer for whomever might be aboard and whatever is happening...a random prayer but one that I think God always hears.  Soon after, the phone rang and Chelsea was on the phone saying that she heard on the radio that one school was  delayed but were they all?  I called friends who had been listening to the Cleveland news and heard that there was a fire at a local business.  The news was showing a helicopter flying over the fire and explaining that chemicals were involved and evacuations of homes were in progress.  There was a large plume cloud over the area and they didn't know if fumes were harmful.  School was indeed delayed all over the city.  I immediately thought of the hospital and the traffic that the ER might be experiencing because of this too.

In a small town, everyone is aware of what is going on and how it might impact us.  I had an 8:30 doctor's appointment and as soon as I got there, people in the waiting area were talking about it.   Some said they could "smell" the fire.  I have a cold just now so had not really noticed anything, but as I left, took a big whiff and sure enough...the air had a very "chemical" smell about someone burning plastic bags.
 The saddest part is that a reportedly 50 people were employed here and will be impacted by this, an already stretched local economy.  Many things go through your mind...
This location is across the street from where my husband had his business many years ago...what if...
My daughter teaches in the general vicinity...what if...
The thirty houses evacuated were lucky  to be out of their homes...what if...

There are many uncertainties outside our doors everyday. Today, I'm grateful that at this time it appears no one was harmed, and our wonderful fire department not only worked all night to contain the fire but kept safety uppermost on it's list, protecting residents and area school children. 
Now it's starting to snow...we should have about three new inches by tonight that will cover the burnt building.  I can look out and see a grey sky, winter mixed with snow and ashes...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Boys, Winter and their tired Nana!

Our weekend entertainment was a visit from the boys!  Tim and Cooper came from Columbus to sled and baby Bryden came after nap time to join the fun!
 Our Country Club has marvelous hills that are great for just this.  We weren't sure how Coop would like it, but he is very adventurous so guessed he would.
 I used to take the kids when they were was really more worried about ME climbing back UP the hills again!  (Hey, and we did it about 20 times...OK...19!!!)!
 Cooper got tired and Tim carried him too...ohhh to be young again!! I knew that if I carried him, that would be THE END.
 Now we are putting Cooper on with me...
 I scream and yell the whole way down and ...had so much fun!!!!
 yes...he walked by himself, -no one to give CPR.
 Daddy/son time...
 Bryden joined us after church and his nap...
 outside??? OK!
"Ewww.... What did I get myself into"!!!!

 Small hills at our house..."I can do it myself!!"
 Chelsea giving Bryden a ride...

 ~ It was great way to spend a Sunday, hot chocolate all around...Nana needs a nap!!!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Ring...part 2

I have been wearing the ring (see last post) this week to try to get over the sad feelings that I have had whenever I see it.  I'm doing well with that and just had to "do it", thank you for all who noticed at work and out and about...and also for all the comments of encouragement on the last post. 
Two things came in the mail today...Kathy, alias "Ya-Ya" over at Whispering Pines has a blog book printed each year and it is a way of keeping what she has done in journal form.  I thought it was wonderful and Larry thought I should do it too.  Finally, I finished it and one volume came today...I was so excited to go back and look at our lives just as the grandchildren started arriving!  Fun!

The second thing that arrived in the mail, I was touched and amazed to get!  It was a wonderful letter from a friend/relative (son-in-law Brant's aunt) who said that she occasionally sees my blog and read this post.  She has a mother in a nursing home that she loves so much and it is hard to see her slowly slipping away.  After watching a recent Nate Berkus show in which they made a shadow box for treasured items, she decided to write with that suggestion for the ring, which would still allow access for removing to wear from time to time. She also included a poem that her mother had written years ago, I guess she has written many, and this was just the time to I am also sharing it with you.

          Mother's hands

Loving hands that cared for you
Since the day that you were born
Held you close to my own heart
Some nights until the morn~

Loving hands caressed you
Soothed your fevered brow
Praying to God to heal you
As only he knows how~

Loving hands helped you to stand
Till you had learned to walk
Clapped with joy, a Mother's joy!
When you learned to talk~

Taught you love and how to pray
And wiped away your tears
Sometimes spanked your fannys
And washed behind your ears~

Watched your each activity
You took part while in school
Applauded each accomplishment
Taught you the golden rule~

These hands took you to Sunday School
And confirmed your infant vow
Graduations came and went
The world was yours, and how!

You chose your own vocation
And then you picked "the best"
The "one" whose hands would take my place
My hands had earned a rest~

Your  hands and lives are busy now
With children of your own
I pray for you the blessing
Of seeing them all grown~

I wouldn't trade the life I've had
Or one of you for any other
I hope you think my hands did well
And you're proud I'm your mother~   by Martha Bolen

Well,  that gave me goosebumps, Becky, and maybe a tear!!  It's a wonderful poem by your mother and her words are true of most good mothers!  Thank you for your thoughtfulness and thank you for sharing!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

the Ring & the Wrong

Yesterday, I was looking through my jewelry and again came upon the ring.  My mother left me a few pieces of jewelry, one of which was her wedding ring.  I always loved that ring...seeing it on her hand...watching all she lovingly did for her family and friends throughout the years with it on are etched memories for me.  I have tried to wear the ring a few times since she died, but I keep it on for less than a day and then  it just makes me too sad to see it.
I got it out again, put it on and every time I see it unexpectedly on my hand gasp a little as it is also my mother's hand that I see...I'm getting arthritis in my joints and my right hand especially, looks like hers.

So my dilemma is...wear it till I get used to it, or put it away and preserve it as it appears in my mind...a sacred memento of her....what to do?

Humorously...the wrong.  Today in church, we sat next to Chelsea, Brant and baby Bryden, when suddenly during a sacred moment at the beginning of service the fire alarm went off!  Now I have never heard the fire alarm in church...didn't really know we had one. The minister, cool and calm decided to wait because to overcome that racket was too competitive.  Baby Bryden looked startled but unfazed as he really just wanted to be allowed to wander under the seats. ( mother told me that as a toddler in church one Sunday that I crawled under the pews...she had my sister as an infant in arms...and switched every one's boots around to the shock of all following service). In the was a youngster that had pulled a fire alarm and had the fire department and fire marshall coming to Sunday morning church! 
Hmmmm.....The beginning to an interesting week.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Little Ones...

Grandson Bryden was at our house today...he goes a mile a minute!  Things that he thinks are toys are not always.  He loves the phone and remote control...when he leaves, we have to relocate everything!
Here the fav toy  of the moment is shoe!  
 and minutes's his thumb...sweet child!
 My father-in-law was in dire need of hearing aids.  Our son Mike is a doctor of audiology and located about 1 1/2 hours from Grandpa.  He knew of his problem though and took time to make trips to test and examine him, fit him with temporary aids and then his own.  Yesterday was the culmination of all that when he took a half day off to come and finish the project.  Grandpa was thrilled with while he and Larry went to do that, Lori and the girls came to visit me!
 Lori with Emma learning to "hold on"...
 Pretty good for 11 months!
 Bailey "talking" on the phone...she was hoping Cooper was on the other end!  Actually I think, she thinks our house is a little boring without him.  She kept asking when he was coming...ha!
 Emma getting ready to nod off....
 but we made her smile...see all her new teeth???
 Then we taught Bailey "hide n' seek"....she caught on quickly and it was fun to observe!!! 

Count to ten and hide your eyes...see Emma is already learning!

When the guys came back, we went out to eat.  (These are B/W because my flash quit working on my little camera...:-(  )  I had also taught Bailey a memory card game so we took it along for amusement while dinner was coming.  Paw-Paw played while we waited and showed her his "magic" games too...hysterical!  These were all good things for a cold, snowy January weekend!!