Friday, August 10, 2012


This past week my brother-in-law passed away.  He had life-long health problems but never let that stop him from truly living life to the fullest.  Thinking about him makes me want to do the same.  "Stop and smell the roses"...and some of the poignant sayings that mean "make the most of each moment" now  help me to remember to do just that. 
Tim and Cooper came for the funeral and stayed till the next day.  These sweet hours with them were so much fun! 

Cooper  loved "driving" the boat while Paw-Paw directed.

Sometimes the quickest moments are etched in my mind as they pass and later that night in bed, I savor them. 

Learning how to fish....Paw-Paw's dearest wish!

Wearing Grandpa's chef hat

My favorite thing is just being there with them and watching it all happen

Best buds.....

Yes, they finally caught one!!!

Coop's real best bud!!!!

The time goes so quickly but could not be enjoyed more

Later that day after Tim and Cooper left, Bryden came for a while.  A package came to the door.  This little guy LIKES packages! He was anxious to open it.

It was a hand made book from Vicki...her blog is 2 Bags Full.

It was absolutely gorgeous!! 

It is a treasure for sure.  She said  a friend had made it but her handiwork is just as beautiful! 

Each page has deep meaning just as the pages of our lives, I think.  I'm trying to enjoy each  minute as a huge gift!