Friday, February 27, 2009

Kidz Club...

Tim and Joni had conferences yesterday so we babysat....when we got there, Cooper was just getting up from his nap...all warm and fuzzy.

Father & son watching cartoons to wake up slowly...

We waited until he was a little more awake and then headed out to his exercise class. They take him to "Kidz Club" which is a wonderful place to run off energy!!! Lots of great equipment to play on, soft, squishy floor, and imaginative background...very fun for kids!!!

Lots of exercise for Granny!!!

-and Grampaw (he said it 3x...we think!!)

A little Pizza Uno for dinner before going home to bath time...

Who do you think looks ready for the long drive home and who is ready for bed??

If you listen well to the bottom video...we think he is saying " have the balls," and "thankyou", and other almost intelligible things....



Monday, February 16, 2009

Our special Valentine's...

Our Funny Valentine's...

Bailey was having sticker fun!!! (note the flower on Cooper's shirt...)

A Valentine hug for Paw-Paw!!!

Cooper came straight from a nap in the car...he smelled so sweet!!!

Aunt Chelsea and Cooper in a "want to get down and run" mood...

Daddy and Cooper in matching shirts that we all got for Valentine's day...

He got up this morning and wanted to put on his hat before funny!
He is an outdoor boy!!!

Time to go home....I'm sad too, Cooper!!!!


Friday, February 13, 2009

Going to the zoo...

Mike and Lori took Bailey to the zoo last weekend and sent these pics...I think Bailey was trying to call me to tell all about it!Maybe looking for lions???

Every sight is fascinating!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wednesday Winter fun...

Bailey is learning how to color...looks like she may be a lefty like her mom! I took the day off Wednesday to go up and have some fun with the snowed like crazy!! We trekked out anyway and had a great time! Close parking spaces, no crowds...made it easier. Bailey had just gotten up from her nap..she was fuzzily sweet and sooooo silly!!!

Looking for mama while she started the car...too bad only the snow is at eye level!




Great Wolf Lodge Adventure

On the worst snow storm of the year, Mike, Lori & Bailey were snug as a bug at Great Wolf Lodge. Bailey had some fun swimming experiences...

Naturally curley hair runs in the family...Mike says Bailey is getting some too!
Nap time snuggle!