Saturday, August 1, 2009

August Saturday morning

Bailey brought her father for a visit this morning because mom was working and they were looking for we started with breakfast on the deck. Then we took time for hugs before packing up to go to the Saturday morning farmer's market.

It's only a couple of blocks from our home and we look for treasures to bring home. Each week it's different depending one what's growing. Today was perfect weather....
and we saw lots of old friends!! That's half the fun....seeing everyone you know.

Tim, this one's for you...a lady from Ecuador who brought her specialties!

We saw all the tents and scoured for fun things....Bailey got soap with a duck on it.

-and we saw more old friends...not OLD friends...just old FRIENDS!!
(Hi Kath...)
Then we took Bailey to the water park at the Kroc Center...
where she had a great time...thanks for coming, guys!!!


yaya said...

It was a nice Saturday, I didn't even get called out. I just have to visit that Kroc Center, it looks like so much fun! That Bailey is just the cutest!

Phil and Amanda said...

Bailey always is wearing the cutest outfits!! That swimsuit is adorable!