Saturday, August 1, 2009

Two posts today...Number

Today was such a sweet, eventful day that I have two postings...this morning is below...a visit from the kids and this afternoon we attended the wedding of long-time friends. Linda, (who just moved to Maine 2 weeks ago...) this is for you! Below: friends, Melody, me and Debby before entering reception. Melody greeting Kip...Melody lives in Florida, so we don't get to see her very often either. That's the best part of weddings, getting to see people you don't connect with often.
The wedding was Libby (below middle) and her husband Lynn's son Todds. We usually are a friend four-some ...but now three without Linda.
Libby and daughter Tara...who were just radiant!!
Lynn, Libby and Tara...

Tara being announced in the receiving line.
The beautiful bride, Jessica and Todd...dancing their way into the hall!

The bride and her father.

Libby making a speech/toast...see video below...

Mother-son dance...

Bride and groom dance...again, see video!

Congratulations Todd and Jessica!!! Libby, you looked beautiful!!! Linda, We missed you!!! (bottom video is of Libby dancing with her twin sister, Margaret from Atlanta)


yaya said...

The bride was beautiful! Looks like it was fun...did Larry have a good time? I know how much he loves weddings!

Donna said...

Larry had a good time...He liked meeting his table companion!

Phil and Amanda said...

THe bride looked beautiful! Her dress so so cool and different! And I loved, loved, LOVED their dance!! I was cracking up watching the groom dance and watching her get low in her dress! THAT takes talent! Now if only I could get Phil to dance...HAHA!

Evie's Story said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all. Who doesnt just love wedding pictures? Thanks for the peek!

L. P. said...

Thanks for sharing the day with me. It was all beautiful and looked like so much fun. I missed being there but was thinking of you all.
P.S. I left you another message on the birthday luncheon post.