Thursday, August 6, 2009

Brad's pizza Birthday party!!!

Brad is a beloved guy in our neighborhood that we all think a lot of! His birthday was last week and I am just now getting pictures back to celebrate him! Brad has a great sense of humor and tells us a lot of funny tales to keep us entertained! He's a very special friend!!
We get together to celebrate by having a pizza party where each neighborhood household brings a pizza from a different place and then we vote which is our favorite.....ours came in second...pretty good!

These are Brad's parents, Harvey and Jean...knowing them helps us know why Brad is such a great guy!!!
The party was thrown by the parents of these three handsome guys...Grant, Garrett and Luke.
Brad enjoying his cards...

Dan (father of the three boys) admiring one of the watches Brad got for his BD...he collects them and has over 200!!!

Happy Birthday Brad...we love you!!!


Evie's Story said...

How sweet to have an entire neighborhood rally around this guy! Looks like you just go from one fun party to the next:-)

Donna said...

Ahhhh....there are many of life's serious happenings here...I just blog about the celebrations and funstuff!!!!