Friday, January 14, 2011

The Ring...part 2

I have been wearing the ring (see last post) this week to try to get over the sad feelings that I have had whenever I see it.  I'm doing well with that and just had to "do it", thank you for all who noticed at work and out and about...and also for all the comments of encouragement on the last post. 
Two things came in the mail today...Kathy, alias "Ya-Ya" over at Whispering Pines has a blog book printed each year and it is a way of keeping what she has done in journal form.  I thought it was wonderful and Larry thought I should do it too.  Finally, I finished it and one volume came today...I was so excited to go back and look at our lives just as the grandchildren started arriving!  Fun!

The second thing that arrived in the mail, I was touched and amazed to get!  It was a wonderful letter from a friend/relative (son-in-law Brant's aunt) who said that she occasionally sees my blog and read this post.  She has a mother in a nursing home that she loves so much and it is hard to see her slowly slipping away.  After watching a recent Nate Berkus show in which they made a shadow box for treasured items, she decided to write with that suggestion for the ring, which would still allow access for removing to wear from time to time. She also included a poem that her mother had written years ago, I guess she has written many, and this was just the time to I am also sharing it with you.

          Mother's hands

Loving hands that cared for you
Since the day that you were born
Held you close to my own heart
Some nights until the morn~

Loving hands caressed you
Soothed your fevered brow
Praying to God to heal you
As only he knows how~

Loving hands helped you to stand
Till you had learned to walk
Clapped with joy, a Mother's joy!
When you learned to talk~

Taught you love and how to pray
And wiped away your tears
Sometimes spanked your fannys
And washed behind your ears~

Watched your each activity
You took part while in school
Applauded each accomplishment
Taught you the golden rule~

These hands took you to Sunday School
And confirmed your infant vow
Graduations came and went
The world was yours, and how!

You chose your own vocation
And then you picked "the best"
The "one" whose hands would take my place
My hands had earned a rest~

Your  hands and lives are busy now
With children of your own
I pray for you the blessing
Of seeing them all grown~

I wouldn't trade the life I've had
Or one of you for any other
I hope you think my hands did well
And you're proud I'm your mother~   by Martha Bolen

Well,  that gave me goosebumps, Becky, and maybe a tear!!  It's a wonderful poem by your mother and her words are true of most good mothers!  Thank you for your thoughtfulness and thank you for sharing!


Julia said...

Donna, what a wonderful idea to have your blog printed. I think that I'll look into it.

I'm glad that you are doing well with wearing your mom's beautiful ring and thanks for sharing the mother's poem. I love the picture on the cove of your blog journal and it looks like a great keepsake. JB

Hope said...

touching...brought tears to my eyes as I swallowed my heart back down to where it was supposed to be. Thank you for sharing that lovely poem, Donna. What a talented lady this is.

I'm glad you are getting comfortable with your mothers ring. I'm sure she is smiling.

great idea about the journal perhaps I'll look into it too

have a great weekend!

Stacy Crawford said...

Ahhh, what a great poem. I'm glad you decided to wear the ring sometimes. I hope it also brings you all the warm fuzzy memories of your mom too.

rosaria said...

Lovely! Touching!

Tammy@beatrice banks said...

That is a wonderful poem! It should be published! sniff sniff I'm saving that one. Sometimes I do poem readings for Mother's Day at church. Thanks for sharing.

Wanda..... said...

Lovely poem and blog book, Donna. I have often thought of doing the same, it's nice to know someone who has...I guess I should just stop putting it off and at least give it a try.

yaya said...

Your blog book looks really pretty! I can't wait to see it in person...and that poem is wonderful and how thoughtful to send it to you. I know the ring will bring you so much happiness no matter how you decide to honor it and your Mom.

Kim said...

Oh, that poem made me cry. So beautiful and touching. We have a heirloom ring that has been passed down through the family - platinum with 9 diamonds in a square. It is stunning. I have always drooled over it. My great aunt willed it to my aunt and someday it will be mine. My aunt told me she always wanted it but when it eventually was hers she said it made her sad to wear because it meant her fav aunt was gone. It took her a few years but now she wears it everyday.
I hope you wear the ring from time to time and remember the love that goes with it.

Karen Whittal said...

I just love the idea of these blog books, am going to do some investigating maybe, you can get them done here in South Africa, they look absolutely fantastic

Kerri said...

Ok, this poem made me cry.
So sweet of her to send that to you.
Your blog book looks really nice...just wondering which site you ordered from. I'm not there yet...I haven't even hit my one year mark...but maybe someday!

Donna said...

Kerri...I ordered my blog book from "cutest blog on the block". It was easy, nice choices to make. Other sites are blogger, snapfish, picnic, etc...probably most photo sites do them. Others had more options but I am happy with mine!

Deb Shucka said...

I'm loving the blog book idea. Really beautiful poem and interesting idea about the shadow box.

I hope the ring brings you joy and comfort at some point.

saltbox treasures said...

That is a beautiful poem!! Thanks for sharing it.
~ Julie

mollygolver said...

Donna - I'm just catching up with your two blogs. A shadow box is such a lovely idea as is a blog book. The antics in your church today made me smile. So good to have all these little things recorded in a blog book for your family as the little ones grow up.

Sue said...

I print my blogs, too. It's a great family history!

Lovely poem. Frankly, I hope you can get accustomed to wearing your mom's ring. My hand looks exactly like my mother's too, and when I look at her ring on my finger, I feel a kinship that brings her closer to me.