Sunday, January 23, 2011

Not into them...REALLY!!

Today Kerri over at the Pleasures of My Life gave me this award.  Thanks Kerri!!!  I'm feeling very humble because I  really don't do awards as this is just a journal of my life. And so, this is the first and last award I will receive. (ask Hope over at Poetry by Hope . Hope is a mother of 6 and wonderful poet who tried to give me an award earlier)  I'm supposed to pass this award along to 5 other blogs and tell 7 things about myself...hmmm, what to say....
First, I will pass this along to blogs that I look forward to reading :
1. Whispering Pines...this blog is authored by a good friend of mine, Kathy, who has a fabulous sense of humor and writes about  her'll enjoy her style!
2.  Collage of Life...this is one truely stylish blog!  Jeanne writes from Great Britain where she has 4 children, travels a great deal, lives in a beautiful house and photographs it all magnificently! 
3.  Resolved2Worship...this is a popular blog written by a mother, (Alyssa) of 7 children with number 8 on the way.  She is a photographer of children's clothes and her photos of her own children are just phenomenol!  She is a wonderful mother and her life's view's to me are wonderfully "stylish"!
4.  Seventh a blog written, again by a marvelous southern mother who has 5 beautiful children, the last born with a heart defect.  Mandy is pregnant with #6 and found that she too, has a heart condition whereby she may have to deliver early.  She is a brave lady with great faith who in my book is very "stylish"!!
5. and last but way not least is Just Between You and Me... and Cow Patty Surprise...sorry it's a tie!  These blogs keep me laughing because they have "blarney style"!  Their posts make you giggle because of their style of writing. Maggie, ie "Grandma Yellow Hair" writes about real life in the good and bad, it's sometimes sad too but never fails to entertain!  Nezzy writes about the Ozark farm that she lives on and there is a surprise always right around the corner!
Have fun reading!!!
OK...7 things about myself...

Cooper & Larry

Grandchildren Cooper, Emma, & Bailey

....I love these 7 people (OK 8 ) with all my heart...sorry, -taking the easy way out!

Our children Mike, Chelsea & Tim
Grandson Bryden


Stacy Crawford said...

Congrats Donna!

Jeanne said...

Oh Donna, you are a sweetheart, REALLY!! Congratulations on this award and THANK YOU! for your very kind words and for passing it on:) I look forward to meeting the others on your list as I am sure they are as wonderful as you. Looks like we all have something in common, kids!

Best wishes Donna and many thanks

Jeanne xxx

acorn hollow said...

Congradulations and i know what you are saying about awards. I got one and just couldn't chose 5 blogs as I love them all. But I really like your 7 things.

Julia said...

Congratulations Donna, I love reading your blog.

I don't do Awards either and I coulldn't pick between my friends either.

I know that it's a way to get more people to read our blog but I find that the more followers I get the more time it takes to follow them too

becky said...

Congratulations and don't be so self-depracating (Minnesota Nice) ARE a stylish one--stylish in the way you present your family and life at home...believe it!
Love your style,

His Doorkeeper said...

Donna, Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog! Forty years is a long time but life sure goes by more quickly these days!

You have a beautiful family!!

Julia said...

Donna, your mother was right about the more we have the more we have to take care of.

Thanks for your comment, I love reading your blog and comments. you are such a nice caring person.

Hugs, JB

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Since I'm a newcomer to your blog I enjoyed the '7 things' because it's given me a chance to get to know you just a bit better. I'll also have to look at the blogs you mentioned, I always love finding new blogs to read!

I hope your week is off to a good start!

Sue said...

Congratulations on your blog award, Donna! And thanks for telling us about some of your favorite blogs. I will have to check them out...except for a couple of them that are already favorites of mine, too.


Beth Dunn said...

Aw, sweet! Congrats on your award

Donna said...

Hi Donna,
I know just what you mean about those awards! After getting a few myself, I put "an award free blog" button on my blog:) You have a great looking family! Hope you are having a good week! It was almost balmy here today in Michigan, made it up to the double digits! Ha! Snow and more snow! I am trying so hard not to have spring fever!

yaya said...

Awww, you crazy blogger! Congrats and I've always known how stylish you are! Thanks for the award! I'll have to get to choosing, but it's going to be hard because everyday I find more and more blogs to follow and enjoy. I'll have to stop some time or I will grow into my chair! Or my bottom will grow out the sides! Ha!Ha! I love your seven things too! Thanks again and now I'll check out the other winners!

karen said...

What a beautiful family you have! I've been enjoying your blog and now I'll go look at the others!

Jennifer said...

What a nice are so blessed! I like your new header too!
Counting days til spring...and summer...but will make the most...trying some new recipes.