Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Finally Here!

Doesn't he kinda look like Dennis the Menace?? Well,                  
Yeah!!!!'s finally here!  Some warm weather!!  Today was a glorious day, warm and breezy.  After church, we took Bryden to the town park.  It has a duck pond too and he thought it was great.
 There were about a dozen floating happily as passers-by threw bread to them.
 It's funny, we brought our children here when they were little and now here I am again with new eyes seeing my grandson do it all over again.  It was a ball!!
 He loved every simple minute of being outside.
 Then we took him to the kids park with playground equipment.
 Down the slide for the first time!  
And the caterpiller crawl where he met new friends....
 He loved that too, but had the most fun just watching other kids.  It was all new to him. He went home a tired little too!
Then we cleaned!  Cleaned the garage, the sidewalk and the deck...
 then the porch...
 and put out a few Easter things...
 and got excited to see the first daffodils have come up.
No matter how brief today was, no matter how the weather changes (tomorrow it's supposed to rain and bring cold weather for the rest of the week) it was terrific to have a break and taste of SPRING!!!


yaya said...

Yeah for a day! I saw the weather report for next week, so I'll be happy for these couple of warmer days. The park is fun, I've taken my grandkiddos too. Looks like Bryden and Chelsea had fun! I remember when my boys were little and we went to see the ducks only to be attacked by some crazed goose! Your house looks beautiful and ready for Easter!

Sue said...

This all looks pretty idyllic to me!


Bernard said...

Once the daffs are out you know spring is here. From now on - it's flowers all the way.
Thanks for your lovely comments on my patch, it's realy nice 'meeting' new people from all over the globe.
Isn't the internet useful?

Lorri said...

That looks like a perfect weekend! He is adorable!

Thank you for your sweet comment! The fun thing is that I did take the pictures. The bad thing is that I have no idea how/why they turned out that way! :)

acorn hollow said...

I thought I was going to see those nice clean pants get really dirty.
Looks like you had a great day and got some good things accomplished.
we are going to be in the 70's today.

Julia said...

What fun spring brings to your place. It's always great to watch our little grandkids discover what there is out there. Your pictures of the outing are fantastic.

I love your place.It looks so very inviting. Today is all overcast and we are waiting for rain. JB

Kerri said...

Your deck and porch look so inviting...wish I could come over for some ice tea! I remember the first time we took our son to feed the ducks at the park...I never knew it could be so exciting! He's 8 now...and still loves to feed the ducks! Glad you enjoyed your day!

karen said...

How beautiful! After all the glitzy holiday decorations and cold winter, I love to bring out the spring-y Easter decorations. I've had them up all month and it's really lifted my spirits. Here's to warm weather every day - hopefully it's soon!

Teresa said...

Oh, he is SO cute! What a fun and productive day you had. We're supposed to get a one day taste of spring tomorrow, and I'll be outside all day!

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

No way! that little boy is tooooo cute to look like Denise the menace. OMgsh, how do you keep from kissing and raspberry-ing those chubby cheeks!! I don't have grandchildren yet. Your post made my arms ache to hold a baby. It's nice to know there's something so beautiful to look forward to. Thank you!
Patricia :o)

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a lovely weekend with good weather. Your porch looks so inviting and the table setting so pretty.

Cloudia said...


Love to ALL da bunnies

Warm Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral



Jennifer said...

I'm with is warm here too...but only for a day...gardened in my bathing suit...cant wait...
glad the daffodils are starting...

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

I love all your spring touches. What a perfect day at the park! Bryden is so cute!!

Donna said...

Donna, those are the sweetest photos, as are the ones in the Easter bunny post!

Yeah Spring! So glad it has arrived in Ohio as well as New England!... Donna

Anonymous said...

The Bellagio is gorgeous in the spring. It is very colorful, lots of purples, pinks, whites, reds, well technically I think they had a flower for every color! It was magnificent.

Anyways, your pictures are great! That little boy is adorable! Is he your grandson?

Well I am completely with you when it comes to spring weather. Rain is reality for us, but when there are some sunny days or just days without rain, they are cherished!


Kat said...

Precious pictures! Don't you just love spring?

heartfelt living said...

Thank you so kindly for your visit to my blog and for the sweet comment. : )
Looks like you have a wonderful day. Your little Grandson is just precious.
Like the others have said ... your porch looks so inviting and your Easter pretties look just perfect on your table!

Wanda..... said...

The porch looks like a comfy rest area, Donna. I can't do any major cleaning until the tree pollen does it's job on everything, but I'm ready for it and Easter too!

Deb Shucka said...

It sounds like you had a perfect day! That first picture is a complete delight.

Hope said...

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take care!

*The Old Geezer said...

Oh Yes! He most definitely looks like a "Dennis the Menace' We have a whole bunch of DTM's that live around our neighborhood. Never a dull moment! :-)

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Isn't he just as cute as can be playing in the park. I understand how you feel about taking a grandbaby to the same places you took your own children. Great feeling!
I just left YaYa's and she was showing her pretty daffodils also. You guys not only work together you garden together. lol
Watched the weather last night and could not believe what they were predicting for my northern friends.
Shocked me that you guys are still getting such bad weather. We already are suffering from high temps with no rain. Makes me think Texas is in trouble come July and August because I can not tell you the last time we had rain.
Have a great weekend. Come by and enter my chocolate giveaway
Love ya

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I agree, he does look like Dennis the Menace, and anyone would have a great time and enjoy spring with him around!! I hope you're enjoying your weekend too!!

Cloudia said...

toooo cute!

Warm Aloha from Honolulu

Comfort Spiral