Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Fairy...part 2

 Today "Ya-Ya" alias Kathy called and said she was bringing an Easter treat. We get to chatting then about work, family and silly stuff.  Sometimes we laugh so much we've had physicians (in surgery where we work)tell us they are jealous of whatever we are talking about....ha!

 I love her cooking and being 1/2 Greek, she often brings Greek goodies.  They are fantastic!  When she came, she had baklava to die for! 
 AND Spanakopita too!  I am a total loser.  I gave her a card.
See the corner that is missing????

-it was really good!!!  Yum!!!


rosaria said...

Well, now that's a food fairy for all seasons.

Julia said...

Donna, you are lucky to have a Greek friend bringing you Greek goodies. I'm a big fan of Greek food and I occasionally make Spanakopita. I grow my own leeks for that purpose.

One of my friend married a Greek and she introduced me to Greek food and she's an awesome cook. I never made the sweet desert baklava yet. A bit too sweet for my condition. Happy Easter JB

Cheryl said...

Well, well, well. So this now makes total sense. The lovely Yaya and Donna are great friends, work together, have two great blogs and both leave lovely comments on my blog! How amazing. I must have found one of you via the other or could this be just an amazing coincidence that an Aussie bush girl found you both separately? So glad I found you both, just wish I was close enough to sample the cooking! Glad you liked part 1 of Merrilyn's story, I aim to add two posts a week, one about M and another topic. Happy Easter to you all.

acorn hollow said...

I use to work with a greek girl and mmmmm both of those are sooooo
happy easter.

Marsha Young said...

Thank goodness there are no calories in pictures of food - or I would weigh 500 lbs.

These pictures are soooo tasty! :)

Just watched a "pie travelogue" earlier today, and enjoyed every bite. Have a wonderful Easter. ...Marsha

Kerri said...

How nice of Yaya...what a good friend! I love some good baklava!!

Happy Easter Donna!

Robin said...

Yummy!! I LOVE Greek food and all of that looks so good!

I hope you have a wonderful Easter!

Deb Shucka said...

Oh yum! Such a great picture of you. :-)

Happy Easter.

karen said...

Spanokopita is one of my favorites - you're a lucky girl!

Sue said...

Oh, my mom would die over this. She LOVES baklava.


Catch the Kids said...

Mmm, these look so good! She's an amazing cook! I love sharing your Easter stories...