Saturday, February 26, 2011

Birthday Weekend...

Today was Emma's first birthday so we celebrated with all the family.  My favorite thing is when all my children are in one place at one watching all the grandchildren play is just icing on the cake...birthday cake!! 

Whoo's birthday is it?  Emma's first birthday!!
The invitation came a few weeks ago and the theme was "Guess whoo's birthday it is?"  Owls were special guests and Emma's mother found lots of cute things to go with this idea! 
Attendees...Bryden, Cooper and Aunt Joni

Emma enjoyed her cake and without much prompting, dug in and had a ball!!
...with her cake!

Aunt Jamie's birthday too!
 This weekend is Lori's sister Jamie's Birthday we celebrated that as well!
-And Grandpa Jim's birthday!!
AND it is Grandpa Jim's birthday Monday!  My great friend Kathy at Whispering Pine's 's birthday is also this weekend and she missed her own party! (supposed to have been in Michigan...too much snow!)
Bailey with Uncle John and Aunt Jamie

Emma with Mom and Dad
 Mom, Dad and Birthday girl...
Uncle Mike with Bryden
Bryden having fun!!
Emma opening gifts

 Happy first birthday Emma!  Here's to all who are having February birthdays with this fun group!

And here's my favorite picture of the event...



Kerri said...

The picture of Emma in her party hat is super cute!!! And WHO (hee hee) made those adorable cookies?!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Donna Sweetie...
I always wait for you to come. I know you will my precious friend. I am so tickled you loved this post. We are all God's lambs, and I so love them.

I love Emma's little face as she dug into the cake. Was that not just the sweetest photo ever? She is beautiful sweet one. Just beautiful.

Looks like you all have a lot of birthdays in February. WOW. Lots and lots of cake celebrating going on over there in Starkey Hollow. I love it. I hope you ate some for me. Being an insulin diabetic I have given up the sweets (except for fruit) and the carbs. I eat protein and vegetables. No breads, no pastas, no rice, no potatoes. It's working too.

Well sweet one, thanks for stopping by, as I so love it when you do. Have a glorious Sunday. I hope you are off. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Catch the Kids said...

Oh my. Those eyes are SO gorgeously big and blue! She looks as if she enjoyed every minute of her birthday, especially eating her cake. Very sweet.

Jennifer said...

Emma is an angel! So fun when everyone is together! You are blessed! Jennifer aka Gigi

Lorri said...

Oh my goodness! So stinking cute!

Sue said...

This is so much fun! Just darling.


Katherines Corner said...

Donna, you have a beautiful family. One of my greatest joys is being called Grandma. Thank you for sharing happy birthday memories with us. Hugs!

mollygolver said...

Happy (belated) Birthday to darling little Emma. You have such a lovely family Donna.

yaya said...

What a great time with all the kiddos! I love Emma's b-day hat! The profile pic of Cooper made me take a second glance because for the first time he looked alot like Tim.. Usually I think he looks more like Joni...Glad everyone had fun...hmmmm, can I put my face in a cake?

Henley on the Horn said...

Emma is one gorgeous one year old!!! Donna, your cup overflows!!!!

Cloudia said...

Happy Birthday and lucky wishes beautiful little lady!

Aloha from Honolulu,

Comfort Spiral


Julia said...

Donna, what a beautiful little girl that Emma is with her blue eyes. Such a great birthday party. I love those cute little video clips. They are so precious. It looks like a whole lot of good family fun you guys had. Thanks for sharing. JB

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Wonderful that we both had Birthday weekends with our precious babies.
Emma is just too adorable love all of your pictures. I would love to be able to show mine on my site. But the DL refuses me to but thats okay I understand and don't want waves of any kind. lol
Your family is beautiful I loved this post
Have a wonderful week honey

karen said...

Emma is a beautiful little birthday girl. Those eyes! Your birthday celebrations look like ours: fun and slightly chaotic. Emphasis on FUN. I think Yaya spoke for all of us: we'd all like to put our face in some cake.

A Tale of Two Cities said...

There's nothing as special as the first birthday--so much anticipation for the days ahead, and so much fun putting that first cake right in front of their excited little eyes. And then watching what happens.....

Can't beat it!

Beth Dunn said...

Tons of celebrating! How fun and everyone just looks adorable

becky said...

So much beauty here!

Hope said...

this is awesome! I felt like I was there with you and your family. what great photo's and the video's are priceless. just perfect memories and I'm so honored to be a part of it even though we've never met.

owls...what a wonderful theme and your grandkids are so beautiful. Love the push ups! lol! Were the cakes homemade?

enjoyed this very much

Thanks Donna!

Deb Shucka said...

So much wonderful celebration! A perfect way to end the winter, I think. Emma is as cute as they come, and so is Cooper.

Darlene said...

What darling children! And so many birthdays this weekend!! That Emma has such beautiful eyes. Thay all look like they were having loads of fun.

It was interesting to know that Tim's wife's name is Joni. I went by that nickname all through High School and for quite a long time after. I still have one or two friends that call me Joni. It came from my last name being Johnson.

saltbox treasures said...

Your family is beautiful! Happy 1st Birthday, Emma!
~ Julie

Donna said...

Happy birthday to sweet little Emma! What a cutie pie! I love the photo of her with frosting on her nose, that is a classic! Sounds like everyone had a great time!!

River-Rose said...

Emma has beautiful baby blues! She is a beautiful child. My sister's name is Emma and so is my Grandmother's. Such a pretty and elegant name for such a sweet little baby! Happy Birthday!