Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Go to my Happy Spot!

 Last weekend, we had great weather and all the snow melted!  It felt like spring and little buds appeared on the trees.  Birds sang and flowers started to break ground....I was sooo happy!

Last night we had a blizzard.  It started to snow in the afternoon, big, fat beautiful flakes....I'm just tired of it.

We went to Chelsea's about 10 miles away but I wasn't sure we would get there, visibility was terrible.

This morning, we got up to a LOT of accumulation for one night!

Yes....it was so pretty, but...

 even this little guy hates going out in it more than I do if that is possible.
 So....I was excited when the mail came today!  A package from artist blogger Vicki from Two Bags Full blog containing a nest that she created!!  I've been expecting it and I think she does a phenomenal job! 
 Vicki is a NICU nurse who makes other things as well and sells on Etsy.  Note the tissue has nests on it!
 Where to put such a fun thing??
It landed here where I will escape from the snow and have a bit of spring indoors!!


Wanda..... said...

We are on the same page, Donna. I'm wanting warmer days! We had snow flurries yesterday, but no accumulation, but freezing temps though! Your nest is lovely, I have a few natural ones on display in my home.

Kim said...

I agree. It seems even harder to deal with winter after getting a hint of spring.

Lesa said...

We've had the same thing here. Snow, hints of spring, snow.

I like your nest. When spring actually does arrive, one of the things that I like to do is put a new spring-ish wreath on my front door. I'm on the look-out for one.

Have a good day!

Jilda said...

as a yoga teacher/therapist I try to always be in the present, I understand the struggle with weather,
but for me, it is the heat and humidity of Alabama summers. Love your nest!


Hang in there Donna. Springtime is right around the corner. I think? :-)

Take care and have a nice day :-)


Sue said...

I love that. Having some spring indoors is a must with all that winter outdoors!


mollygolver said...

Donna, the weather all over seems to be more unpredictable than ever. We had a lovely mild day here and you could almost see the buds and new growth pushing through the earth. Though that probably means that more snow could be waiting in the wings for us too! Love the little nest.

Farm Girl said...

I live in California and we got snow here where I live 13 years ago. We might get snow Friday. So winter is still here. I really feel for you though, that is a bunch of snow. Snow in December is beautiful and magical, snow in February almost March, is pretty but just not loved. :)

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Oh, I know what you mean. In London, we have had so many cold, damp and grey days lately, but when I go home again to Houston this weekend, it will be 78 degrees. That's a huge swing, but I can handle it!

Wishing you hints of spring,

Stacy Crawford said...

It's fun getting mail that doesn't require a payment to go out. :)

Bad news 9 inches forcasted for Thursday night.

karen said...

What a beautiful nest! So delicate and pretty. I know it would cheer me up on a dreary day!

Deb Shucka said...

That nest is the perfect antidote to winter overdose! I'm with you on being done with this season. I'm hanging on by promising myself that the first warm sunny day we get, I'm spending all of it outside.

Beth Dunn said...

That is SO pretty! spring will be here soon

vicki said...

Hi Donna-
Oh my that snow- I know you must be so ready for spring!
We are in Florida now- preparing for our cruise- today we got a bit of a sunburn while waiting on the shuttle to launch. ( it was mean of me to share that- I know!)

So glad you are giving my nest a happy home. It looks beautiful on your table- thanks for sharing those photos.

My prayers continue for Baby Caden.

Jeanne said...

More Snow!! Jeez Louise...when is mother nature going to cut you a break Donna? Should I mention that our snowdrops and daffodills are up? Probably not...did I ever mention that I have a bit of the wise guy in me ? I got it from my Dad, he was a big time 'pot stirrer'.

Enough of me...I want this snow of yours to melt so I can see spring time pictures in your back yard. I love the nest Vicki created. I have a bit of a bird thing happening around our house and did an ooh and an ahh when I saw it. Look at it and think Spring!!

I stopped in and left a message with Linda for cute little baby Caden.

Best wishes Donna....from your 'cheeky' friend across the seas...for a wonderful cozy weekend :)

Jeanne xxx

Ola said...

here is very similiar-we already had like a beginning of spring and after a week snow snow and snow again:)

becky said...

One step forward, one step back. Thank goodness for the mailman who always comes through!!!

Jennifer said...

love the snow pics although i cant wait til spring...the days go by so fast...hope you enjoy each one!

nora chou said...

wow can't believe there's still so much snow where you are! spring season is rolling in nicely over her ein scotland!



Miss Moots said...