Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Week's little ones

This week, our good friend Linda decided to surprise her mother with a visit. She drove from Maine in all this snow with her daughter Lindsay and grandaughter Cate. We were happy she did so the rest of us could see her too!! Below: Cate with her "Gama Spague" as she says it!! A four generation picture is to be treasured....I would dearly have loved to have had one with my mother. This one is just special!
Gramma and Cate

Then, today I went to a wedding shower where Chelsea's friend Erin had her baby Scarlet there...what a doll baby!!

-and this little guy, Trey, was with his grandma Cindy...the groom's mother.

The spring wedding will be in South Carolina and hence a beach theme. The cake below was not only fabulous, but also delicious! Congratulations Jen and Josh!!!


yaya said...

It's good to see Linda and time spent with Mom's is priceless. I also think that hat Scarlet is wearing is priceless!

L. P. said...

Thanks for getting those pics. Maybe I can get copies from you.
Wonderful seeing you.