Sunday, February 21, 2010

Baby is coming...

We are all anxiously awaiting the arrival of Mike, Lori & Bailey's new baby. Little Bryden, here is looking forward to meeting his new cousin. He may not look too happy, but he is the best baby! He smiles as soon as he wakes up and catches your attention. We enjoy playing with him.
We put him down on his play mat but I am too slow with the camera...he saw Scoobie and got the biggest grin! It was too funny! But as fast as it came, -it went too.

We'll just have to play more till we get to meet Miss Emma!!!

One more video of Bailey from funny! She has learned to say "for Pete's sake..." and she had just pulled up her shirt and said "my tummy is so full!"
I remember my mother saying that when we went home, she and Grandma would talk and talk about all the things the kids had said and then they were so happy to have pictures to remember the visits by. I now know just what she means...I love to look at the pictures and videos because that's what I have when they go home. Grandchildren do make you smile!!!

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yaya said...

I agree, Grandkiddos are the best and yours are adorable! We're lucky Yayas!