Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow swags and babysitting

We have had so much wet, heavy snow that it is drooping on the fences like a swag. I think it's a winter decoration!
It's so heavy on the deck, it looks like marshmallow furniture.

The shapes play with your imagination a bit...doesn't the grill look like a mini car??

But, warm and cozy inside is Bryden...9 weeks old and growing!! He is a remarkably good baby, so babysitting is a pleasure!

Gee, after watching this Chelsea will never let me babysit again! I didn't realize I talk to him a mile a minute and probably drive the poor little guy nuts!! He is responding so much of the time though and smiles and coos...but wasn't in the mood here. Well, maybe next time...


Mom of Eleven said...

How fun! My kids would flip with that much snow! We are happy to get what we got! They are headed out to sled!

yaya said...

I love his beautiful dark eyes! I also love the little grunts and squeaks they have at that age. What a cutie...and the snow is amazing, however I'm so amazed I would love some sun and melting! I guess it's nice that it's pretty if we have to have it at all..