Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spring Fever!!!

I just love this time of the year! We've planted the flower pots and have trimmed, pruned and split plants until it looks the way we like it. This month and next (until the cotton wood starts to spread its horrible droppings) is so pretty because everything looks so green and fresh! I wish it could just stay this way, but by July-August the gardens start to look over-grown and burned out.
So, for now, I just really enjoy it!!

Warning: The video tour is awfully shaky and may make you motion sick!!


yaya said...

Oh that Scoobie, God love him! He sure knows how to make a video! Your yard and gardens are gorgeous all year! Like the Garden of Eden! Now, you know where I live...can you make the Pines as pretty????

Jeanneoli said...

Oh my goodness. Your lawn is so green and lush. I am soooo jealous! I grew up in Illinois, lived in DC/VA and now live in CO. I really, really miss trees and green. So lovely.