Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy Retirement Debby!!!

Last night, Osborn PTO threw my good friend, Debby Kiste, a surprise retirement party! She has taught second grade for 35+ years. Her mother-in-law Joyce and daughter Jen have also taught in that school. I wish I had a nice picture of Debby coming into the room, but it is blurred. She was truly! Here is her husband, Kip and granddaughter Emily....who stole the show!!
Many former students and teachers came to honor her as well as family and friends...

Here is Megan (engaged daughter) holding Emily who is reaching out to cute!

Proud Grandma was a really nice tribute to a great teacher!!!

Me...Linda and Debby....good friends for 37 years...former nextdoor neighbors and all had our first children and grandchildren in the same years!! Many, many milestones....

Emily taking in all the activity...such a good child!!!



L. P. said...

Great pictures (though you could have left me out of there - ha!)What fun to go through all these years and experiences together. Friends forever:)

Megan K. said...

What great photos! I'm glad you captured the special event. It was so good to see you!

yaya said...

Congrats to Debby! Time sure does fly by doesn't it? Tell her I wish her lots of fun and rest!