Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rainstorm Entertainment!!

Tonight it started raining and in an hour rained a LOT!! We went to the lower deck and watched it for about a half hour with a neighbor. We all sat to watch the water come up and over the banks of the creek.

It got bigger and bigger till we wondered if it was going to carry the bridge (left corner) and picnic table away.

We saw logs floating by quickly and knew to stay out of the way.

The small bridge is loaded with debris following a storm and here we watched as it got hit several times by passing logs.

We have never seen it (rain water) go past the picnic area before.

It finally filled the whole yard but it goes down as quickly as it goes up. Very entertaining!
The bridge is still there...intact!


Rick and Lindsay said...

Wow!! Mom said it rained really hard last night, and I guess your front yard proves it. Pretty impressive!

yaya said...

Surf's up!!! Good video. We got tons of rain too and Middle Rowsburg road was flooded and the lakes were back. But like your creek, it goes away fast.

Evie's Story said...

Thunderstorms are my favorite. Of course, its always a pity though when it takes out the back yard:-) Eek...looks like you have some landscaping in store this weekend!