Sunday, March 3, 2013

It's hard to believe that I haven't posted but ONE time in 2013.  My computer died for a while and getting it up and running was major.  Then I went back to work in January and it really kicked my derriere. I come home each day, we eat dinner early and I go to bed! I think it is really good for me though and energy is just starting to return....a little.

So life goes on and here are a few pictures of events that are important to me...mostly loved ones birthdays.

This is Luke...dear friend Debby's grandson at his first birthday.

And here with cousin Emily.  Does he look over-excited about all the festivities??

And here with Emily's brother Owen...what cuties!

Best Present?...the wrapping paper.  Ha!

The next fun activity that we witnessed was Chelsea and Whitney skiing.

It was fun to watch them on the chair lift etc.

Bryden's best

It makes me happy to see them so happy!!

In the lodge getting something warm to drink afterward.

Next event was Emma's THIRD birthday...

LOVE this picture of Emma...her sweet blond curly hair looking at her uncle Tim.

Blowing out her candles
Then we woke up one morning after a wind storm with a tree down in our yard. 
Bless Whitney for coming over one freezing Saturday without asking, chopping it up and
 trucking it away.

Bryden and I went out to watch

Chelsea helped too and Bryden looked for butterflies...hmmm.

The chain saw died so he resorted to our good old ax...way to go Whit!!!

Little did he know that we were planning a surprise party for his THIRTYith birthday!

Both Chelsea and I ordered cakes unknown to each other!  (his gorgous mom on right)

Happy thirty Whit!!!

And last but far from least  was my partner in crime, Kathy's SIXTYeth birthday!!
  Does she look 60...hey, not a day over 35!!!! (She did a wonderful post about turning
this age, click on Kathy to read)

Happy, happy birthday to Kathy
and all the rest this month too....I love you all!!


Kim said...

It's great to hear you're returning to normal activities and regaining your strength. You look great and who wouldn't be with all those special events and people to celebrate with!

karen said...

What a beautiful family you have! And you have to love a little guy who will look for butterflies in the dead of winter... Good to see you back - you look beautiful as always!

yaya said...

Great pics of the events in your life. You look wonderful..especially love the one from the lodge! Time does fly by those last two pics are awful but thanks for the shout out!

Cro Magnon said...

Welcome back. Without upsetting your husband, may I say how beautiful you look! Your page makes me think how awful it must be, not to have family.

acorn hollow said...

so great to hear from you. Always lots of fun and family for you.

Molly said...

Donna, so pleased to hear you're feeling a bit better now - it's a long road. I love all the photos of your family. Keep posting xx

Darlene said...

So many neat pictures!! I'm so glad you are back and feeling a bit better. I'm not a bit surprised that you only blogged once this year. You had good reason not to. Now that you are doing better, I'm sure we'll all hear from you again and not have to rely on Kathy for info.

You have been busy with all the events in your life and it's good to be busy. I have been crazy busy these past weeks and haven't even thought about blogging. We had three sets of company and that alone kept me busy. I love company though and we never seem to get enough. I haven't blogged for about three weeks and I probably will only blog that often from now on. It's not that I will be too busy, quite the opposite, I won't have anything interesting to blog about.

Take care Donna, and if you have time, drop by my blog.

Stacy Crawford said...

I'm glad to hear you are getting your strength back. Keep on plugging away!

Rebecca Jerdee said...

You're doing all the right things toward getting back your energy~~food, rest, and family!

Julia said...

Hi Donna, I think that you look just beautiful and it's so nice seeing you on blogger again.
I can understand how busy you are and such a trooper for returning to work as soon as you did after going through what you did.

Bless you generous heart for helping celebrate everyone 's birthday. You make a big difference in your love ones'life. I love how sneaky you are with your partner in crime, lol...
Happy Birthday everyone, including Yaya.

Thanks so much for your warm comment. I'm having a great time.
Hugs & prayers, JB

A Tale of Two Cities said...

I can identify with you about less blogging lately. Oh well, we do what we can right? Sure was good to hear that you are back at work, Be kind to yourself-- you deserve a little TLC as you get back to a new normal.

Judi said...

Welcome back to the World of Blog! I missed you...
As always, I LOVE to read about the days of your life and enjoy each and every photo.
Keep up the great journaling!!!