Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Winter is good for this....and this only!

Bryden came to visit and remembering last year, seeing the snow and hills, asked if we could go sledding.  We thought that sounded like an adventure so dug out the inner tube....the easiest thing for our yard.
Boy's best friend "Heff" (for heifer -with black & white spots) came along.
Heff is a bit of an instigator and loving the snow and water....jumped into the creek.  I told Bryden  several times to get back but soon he "fell" in. Fun in the summer, not so much in the winter! Rescue was swift.
Then we tried the sled.  It goes zero miles an hour pretty slow  when the weight is in the front!
So we tried going down the drive...that was fun!

Still grinning....
But smile turned upside down when too cold....brrrr!
Hot chocolate to the rescue!  I really can't believe that I am adding this photo, sans wig.  Hair has grown to this length and THIS color!!! Not sure how I feel about leaving it this way.  Many comments both ways so I'm not in a hurry to decide.
Kathy alias: Yaya made this beautiful creation as she does every year....New Year's Greek Coin Bread.  When it is cut, the person who gets the slice with the coin in it, has good luck all year.  I said my silent "Please let it be me, please, please, please..." but, it was Larry.  Oh well, he really needs it too!!!


Kim said...

Donna, your new hair looks wonderful! It's grown a lot. You looked great "zooming" down that driveway. I'm sure that coin luck will rub off on you too

acorn hollow said...

Oh Donna I love your hair! you have such a beautiful face you can wear your hair any way you want.
Looks like a fun day in the snow.

Rebecca said...

You're WAY more adventurous than I! I'm definitely NOT a winter sports person.

And your hair really IS beautiful. Looks like it grew back with a gentle wave, right?

Wishing you SO much more than "luck" in 2013. :)

♥ Rebecca

Stacy Crawford said...

I love your hair too! I think either way you pick will be fabulous.

Kyle got the coin at our house. Got love that Yaya!

yaya said...

You know I love your hair! The first time I met you back in 1977 you had short hair and I thought it was so cute. Looks like a fun day in the snow. You'll have to try our back hill one day! Glad you enjoyed the bread and maybe Larry will share his luck with you like Jack did with me! Happy New Year!

Cro Magnon said...

They've all said it before me; your hair looks great, and as acorn hollow said, you have the beauty to carry any style or colour.

Sorry, but I hate snow.

Julia said...

Hi again Donna, I'm just playing catching up with my blogger friends.
I like your new hair. After what you went through, you have every right to a new hair do. Now you can even dye a pink streak in it, hahaha.

I love seeing you going down that slope with your grandson on the inner tube. It looks like fun.

I hope that the New year brings you good health, good luck, joy, peace love and hope.

Yaya's bread sounds yummy. Maybe next year you'll get the coin. I love the idea.

Sending you love and prayers.

Molly said...

That looks like brilliant fun even if the water was cold. Donna - I love your Judi Dench hairstyle - looks really good.

karen said...

I'm going to come right out and say that your hair is so striking and beautiful! The short length is sassy and looks lovely, but I liked it long too. But if I could get up and have my hair all that color all at once I would never bother coloring it. You're beautiful no matter what, though.
What a fun day with your little guy! He's getting big, and I haven't even "known" him that long. I'm sure whatever luck Larry has from Kathy's bread will rub off on you. And look what a lucky girl you are already!

Judi said...

You are beautiful, no matter what color or style or length your hair may be!
Nice sledding adventure, altho I prefer fireside...
Your grandchildren will have so many special memories that you make for them. BGE (Best Grandma Ever)

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Would you believe, this Texas gal has never been sledding? I wonder if it's too late in life to give it a try. Of course, it won't be happening in Houston--no snow, nor hills!

Let me weigh in by saying I think you look radiant!

Michael Manning said...

Hot Chocolate to the rescue, indeed! I remember those dangerous aluminum saucer sleds! Stay warm!!

Sue said...

You look gorgeous, and so does your hair!!

Just lovely.


Darlene said...

I love your hair! What a great look! I just hope you won't change it.

I loved reading about your adventure in the snow with that adorable little boy! Isn't it great to have children around? There is just nothing like it, especially if they are grandchildren. I can't believe he fell in, maybe he thought it would be fun since the dog did it. I'll bet he was one cold cookie. The hot chocolate looked wonderful though.

Anything that Kathy bakes is yummy and that bread must have been wonderful. Putting a coin in it is a great idea.

I certainly want to wish you and ALL of your family a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Sush said...

Hi! I hope you heard I was off from blogging for a bit. Part of the time was a choice and the rest by the crash and burn of the computer. Short story long...finally a new computer and I'm out and about checking on friends from Blogland and so happy to see your new look! Sassy girl, really sassy!
Haven't looked to far back on your roll as of yet I'm still trying to get up to speed with everyone.
Hope you're doing better and felt some of the prayers I've been sending your way!
Many hugs~

Rebecca Jerdee said...

Your new hair is adorable, Donna! I give it a 2 thumbs up and you should be proud of yourself for coming through all the bad stuff and remaining so cheerful. The sledding party looks wonderful. Way to go!