Saturday, March 16, 2013


This little goodie was filled with a chocolate creme...yum!!
 What could be better on a grey winter day than chocolate?!?  Co-worker and friend Stephanie and I went to a Chocolate festival fundraiser at Trinity Lutheran, my church.  There were many vendors and all had great chocolate things to sample!! We walked around and found lots of goodies.  Most fun was seeing friends that neither of us had seen in  a long time.
The idea was that you bought tickets for a dollar and samples cost that much.  We each spent about $10 toward a good cause and gained at least 2 lb! They had free popcorn, crafts for kids, face painting etc.  -something for everyone, but Steph & I headed for the chocolate stuff!!
Stephanie buying tickets

These are cute for Easter

A fabulous cake made by caterer "Fergie's on Main"

Other fun amenities were here relaxed!!

Stephanie getting her!!!

The whole gym full of vendors

Last but not least, fun goodies for St. Patty's Day...delish!!!
Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!!! 


Debby said...

Oh that looks like fun. Hope you are doing well. You look great.

vicki said...

Hi Donna-- ahhh I think this little trip is not on my diet- lol-- but it looks like great fun. You look fabulous-- I'm sending you hugs!


acorn hollow said...

It all looks so wonderful! but the best part is seein you.

Julia said...

Hi Donna, you look terrific and so relaxed. What could be better than a good massage, lots of chocolate and a good friend to accompany you.
Happy St patrick Day


the letter e said...

oh..I would have loved all of that chocolate. That cake looks really, really good. I hope you are feeling well, you look great!

yaya said...

Sorry I couldn't go..stinky call! But I'm glad you guys had fun and ate all the goodies I can't have anyway..sob,sob! You look fabulous girl! The venue looks like it was a hit and I love Ken's outfit with the cake! Have a good rest of the weekend!

Molly said...

Sounds like a great fun day Donna. Love your pictures and after all, what's a few calories between friends - all the choccy looks very more-ish

Linda said...

That looks fantastic. Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Kim said...

A day with friends AND chocolate? Sounds pretty darn good to me :)

Rebecca Jerdee said...

Nothing like an open fair with vendors...I love to see how each one presents itself to the public. Some more successfully than others.

Sue said...

I always love this kind of thing...Glad you had fun!


A Tale of Two Cities said...

A chocolate festival--How delightful! Can't imagine the sweet scent you must have enjoyed while shopping around!

Michael Manning said...

This looks like a fun time! :)