Wednesday, March 30, 2011


No, it's not even that it's supposed to be spring and the snow should go away....
But we had more today...again.
It's not even that I took a couple of days off hoping for peace and quiet on the home front to get things done....and it's been anything but.

It was coming home today from work, exceptionally physically and mentally tired and saw a drain wizard truck in the drive.  Hmmmm.
 I had called a heating, plumbing company a few days ago to come check out a hose from our furnace that had been draining a small amount of dark liquid into a basement drain.  They came, inspected and said we needed a new humidifier.  OK....and they said they would turn it off so it would quit draining.  Yesterday, it continued to drain.  I called and said they should re-inspect before putting in a new humidifier because maybe that was not the problem.   They agreed but today when I came home, they had installed it anyway.  Husband came home midmorning to find a HUGE amount of raw sewage in drain...and in the bathroom...and all over carpet. Hmmmm. We spent many hours tonight cleaning with bleach, and throwing out everything in sight.   Problem was tree roots in pipes.  I almost stripped and put all my clothes in the washer before showering but decided to go over it all again, when someone came in without knocking to tell us he had to go get parts.

THEN, they left and came get stuck in the drive with all the snow.  I have 4 wheel drive and drove around them to get more bleach and buckets while they waited to be towed out.  I returned to find his brother-in-law stuck too....AND a towing company that they called for help!!  I was only gone 20 minutes!!

I went inside to finish cleaning.  When I got done, I thought I should at least make them all hot chocolate for working so long digging out of the snow. I carefully made snacks and 4 cups of hot chocolate, carried them outside....and they were all gone!!

I'm going to bed, my back aches and the headache is way worse.  Is it April Fools yet????!!?


acorn hollow said...

Now that's a day and a half. we are expecting 7-12 inches starting Thur night. I am so looking forward to sping.

Wanda..... said...

Sorry for your day, Donna. I think I would choose the snow over the sewage problem. We had a few snow flurries ourselves today. Hope tomorrow is better.

becky said...

Oh, my need a break! Tree roots? Who knew such a thing could happen...but I can see that your home is completely surrounded by lovely woods...the price you pay, I guess. Nature will take over if left to its devices...

Lorri said...

You need a SUNNYvacation!

Kerri said...

Oh that stinks big time! (No pun inteneded!) The sewage and the snow. Hope it gets fixed quickly and cheaply!

Munir said...

Sorry about the snow. We are expected to have snow tomorrow too. I don't know when we will have spring. When we had our house, we had drainage problems whenever it rained and poured. Turned out that the weeping willow we had was sending it's roots to our garage for water and they blocked the pipes. Every couple of years we would be dishing out a couple of thousand dollars. The new owners just got the tree chopped:(

Stacy Crawford said...

Nothing worse than sewage problems. That is what Kyle deals with on a daily basis. Fun job huh?! I hope today is better for you.

Julia said...

Oh Donna, you really got more than your share of problems yesterday. I hope that today things will go better for you. I'm sending some good vibes your way. You need a good hug.
Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I'm leaving tomorrow morning for the Hooking retreat and I hope that the snow hold off for our trip. HUGS JB

Sue said...

UNREAL. That was most definitely NOT your day.


Hope today is a huge improvement. (How can it help but be?)


rosaria said...

Oh no! Tree roots seem to spread all over. All that mess. So sorry for all that expense and trouble. Hope springs comes soon to brighten your days.

Beth Dunn said...

Oh you poor thing! That sounds awful and smelly.

karen said...

That's one of the worst stories I've ever heard. I'm so sorry! I've mostly taken our plumbing for granted, but I won't anymore!

Jennifer said...

Oh Donna, That sounds just sorry for all your troubles. so did you get the problem solved?
Some advice from my hubby/a contractor-You shouldnt have to pay for the humidifier. you didnt authorize it and you didnt need it. Whoever cleans out the drains should be paid.
your Homeowner's policy would have paid for professional cleanup...but w the snow might have taken a day.
Hope you got all your problems solved and the headache and backache are gone...xoxo Jennifer aka Gigi

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I'm late getting here and hope that by now all this is behind you and all is quiet and peaceful!!

Catch the Kids said...

Oh, you poor thing! This happened to my SIL (from the loo pipes) and it is just the most unfortunate thing. Have you got the smell of bleach out of your sinuses yet? Sympathies....

Hope said...

well...that was a heck of a day!
and this is all I can say,
I hope you have a better day and
the snow will go away :)

Kim said...

That is definately more than one person needs in a day (or a year).
I hope things have improved for you today.
PS - I left you a "clue" under your comment on my post.

Anonymous said...

Donna,so sorry to hear about the sewage problem. Hope it hasn't messed up your lovely home too much and your weekend is proving to be a more relaxing time for you.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Donna Sweetie...
Oh my the snow is to much for me. I will let you all have it. I am to much into the heat. I will take the desert and even our Summer heat any time over the cold. We lived in Oklahoma, and 26 years ago we moved out here. I love it, now if I just could move Momma and Daddy out here with me, I would be happy as a clam.

I will be out in the garden again today. I have the front to work on today. Some planting of flowers and some trimming of bushes. Rock beds to clean out as well. Gardening is my love. It truly makes me happy.

I am sending you virtual sunshine sweet friend. I hope you can feel it. I will email you some pics later of some other things I have been working on as well.

Love you sweetie. Have a beautiful day. Thank you for hearing my voice. All my love, Sherry

Ron Joe White said...

Hi Donna,

I hope things get better in your area soon.

You could always move to California if you don't mind our earthquakes. We have year around good weather and are always in need of good nurses :-)


Cro Magnon said...

Sounds like just 'one of those days'.

To make matters worse, we have beautiful sunshine here in S W France. The leaves are all starting to burst out, and all the fruit trees are in flower. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

It is so nice to read your blog again. I haven't blogged in forever and I sure have missed it.
This year has been crazy when it comes to the weather. I live in the Pacific Northwest and we had snow in March, that NEVER happens.
Oh my goodness that is just awful and extremely disgusting. Shame on those guys for not consulting their customers first before just doing whatever. That is disgusting about the sewage issue. A couple weeks ago our septic tank needed to be drained and it just happened to be on a Sunday when the guy couldn't come out and drain it so we had to dig some of the sewage out ourselves. Talk about putrid. ,So I can only imagine the whole raw sewage smell throughout your house. Absolutely awful.
It sounds like you had a way to eventful day. Hopefully the last couple days haven't been nearly as exciting and if they have, hopefully it has been in a much better way.

God Bless!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Donna please tell me that was an April fools joke for all of us because how horrible of a day for anyone to have.
I hate it for you that all of that went on and the trouble of all the cleaning too. Goodness I bet you had a headache and backache for sure.
Have a better week this week and gosh I wish your bad weather would go away. You guys deserve some spring weather
Love ya

Karen Whittal said...

I feel your pain, and cringe at what you went through, I has first hand experience, out gardener was helping clean the drain, and put the hose from the outside in, instead of from the inside out....... ugh....... thanks for the comments on my daughter, she is a blessing. I will be be praying for your daughter through this difficult time, I wish I had some words of wisdom to make things better, all I can offer is "One day at a time"