Friday, April 16, 2010

Weekend visit...

Bryden was here yesterday with Chelsea. He is in this odd position because he was on my lap pulling his way to the edge of the chair (he has figured out how to roll over) and was listening to his mother talk. When he hears Chelsea, he cranes his neck all around until he sees her...amazing! Then, my sister Lynn came from Illinois to visit for a few days. It's always good to connect with her and she really enjoyed meeting Bryden. Note how well she multi-tasks...holding Bryden and petting Scoobie too!!

The weather was so nice that we went down to the marina for an evening picnic...

and we took the little guy along...he did well and enjoyed it!

Nothing sweeter than seeing my sister with baby Bryden, and a beautiful sunset!

We giggle like school girls, stay up late talking until we could both fall over and then finally go to bed. This morning we had breakfast on the deck and started chattering all over again! Tomorrow her daughter Rachel flies into Columbus to do some wedding planning...more girl time out. Wedding planning definitely agrees with Lynn!!

Bryden talking!!!

video video


L. P. said...

Looks like a beautiful Ohio spring day. What fun on your pontoon. Am sure you're enjoying the warmer weather. Nice your sister could enjoy it with you.

yaya said...

Lynn looks good! She's planning a wedding and so is my sister...we're sister wedding twinners! Beautiful pics out on the lake. Very relaxing and Bryden sure is a cutie. Tell Chelsea she needs to come for lunch with that baby so maybe I can hold him too! Have a great weekend!