Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter week...

We were lucky enough to see all the kids and grandkids this week. Tim and Cooper came Wednesday and we watched Cooper tell us about his new favorite friend...Spiderman!

He will tell you all about Spidey, Peter Parker, and Green funny!

But he's not all business, he's sweet too and handed out the kisses...first Paw-Paw

then baby Bryden...

I just like to hear the stories and look at those brown eyes and dimples!

Paw-Paw spent some Bryden time too...

ALL boy!!! (both of them)

Then Thursday was a girl day...Debby went with me to see Lori, Bailey and Emma.

Big stretch!!!

-with big sister Bailey...

-sugar and spice and everything nice!!!

Emma is so alert and starting to smile...

I love time to just hug...goes all too quickly!!

Thanks for a nice visit all...Happy Easter!!!


yaya said...

Looks like a week of fun! They are so cute and you're right, the time goes much too quickly. We're enjoying our time too, but poor Taylor isn't feeling too great tonight..Have a wonderful Easter!

L. P. said...

So precious!!!
Aren't we blessed to have these beautiful grandchildren to enjoy and love?
How does that bow stay in Emma's hair? Now I know why Bailey leaves hers in; Lori started young:)
Love to all.

Evie's Story said...

What a small world! Wish we COULD have bumped into them at the beach. It was SUCH a nice weekend down there. Looks like ya'll had a lovely Easter. Im loving that pink and brown room! Oh my!

Blessed you are with that beautiful bunch!