Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Praying for nurse Linda

There are times in life where you are handed lemons...a flat tire, a broken dish, a tough day at work..... Then you reflect about what's really important and this is one of those eye-opening experiences. Today an e-mail arrived about Linda, an ICU nurse in our hospital who has recurring leiomyosarcoma. She has a brave battle and it is being documented in her blog "Team Linda - The Jouney to Beat LMS" on my side bar. It is also at this link if you want to click on it: http://www.teamlindabeatslms.blogspot.com/
She has maintained working and her last day to work is April 27th before beginning treatment at OSU in Columbus and MD Anderson Texas. Thursday everyone has been asked to wear purple in honor of the fight she is facing. Her story tugs at my heartstrings as I am sure it will yours. Please pray for Linda.


yaya said...

Wow..I just read her blog. So sobering. I will keep her in my prayers and I will also wear purple tomorrow. I noticed too that you can't make any comments on her site. Life certainly can turn and slap you in the face anytime. I love her quote about not having any talents left to give God because you used them all...food for thought!

Donna said...

You can leave a message on the left column under the pen in the hand that says..."leave a comment".

L. P. said...

Will keep her in my prayers.