Thursday, March 4, 2010

A March day...

There comes a time in the life of all good mothers, well...many, when they have to return to work. Today was that day for Chelsea. She was a little sad and really missing her baby boy...but grandma really had fun!!! (Chelsea and Brant Monday night)
Even Grandpa was excited about it...he came home for a few minutes and had to play. Bryden had a bath and got dressed first thing and then we played most of the day.Chelsea always has hair sweetly smoothed over, but we went au natural today...kinda punk...and we liked it! He responds quickly when you talk to him, blows bubbles, tries to talk back and smiles easily.
I was lucky and he was such a good little guy!

He is starting to really notice his, mobiles and books.

I hope these "Grandma days" don't fly by as fast as my children's lives have....but why do I think that will happen???

This was the deck-snowmeter on's starting to melt today...Yeah!!!!

Mobile fun!!!

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yaya said...

He sure looks like his Daddy! I just love the little grunting noises and the sweet music..almost put me to sleep! Glad you had a fun day!