Thursday, January 14, 2010

Blog winner!!

These cute items arrived in the mail today! I was excited as the winner of Seventh Smith's "Friday Freebies" giveaway! (Thanks Mandy!!) The large tutu I won and the small one I bought (also the bow) to match for Bailey's sister when she is born. I can hardly wait for a picture of the two of them in these!! Seventh Smith (see blog list on right side) has a Friday give-away frequently and has really cute items to win....worth checking out!! Bailey's new bow....FUN! Made by Marcella Hogg at "the Little Ballerina" at (Thanks Marcella!!)


yaya said...

Wow! That's really cool! You're always a winner in my book! Congrats!

yaya said...

Donna, this is in answer to your request on my blog...I'll get the address for you and for me too. Mom was a little upset yesterday and she' going to see Phil today at the hospital. So I'll get it today. Thanks for the prayers too!