Thursday, January 21, 2010

Blankets and meeting great Grandpa!!

We usually take Larry's father out for dinner once a week and tonight was that night. Chelsea and Brant came along to have Bryden meet his great grandfather. Joe was more than thrilled to meet him! It was one of those moments when you look at four generations and get goosebumps thinking about life...just nice to see them all together.
Chelsea has been lucky to have friends who've made special gifts for Bryden...handmade blankets! This one was made by my sweet sister Lynn...

-and this one made by friend and neighbor Juanita. When I look at all the work and time that goes into them, I am amazed!

-and this sweater, -blanket set was made by friend and fellow glass company owner, Karen in Medina. It is amazingly soft and has sailboat buttons which I did not get a good pic of. He will grow into it and be able to wear it a long time. Thank you all for these amazing gifts!!!

I had t0 add this picture because Bryden was too cute sleeping in Larry's arms...

and one last blanket gift from Joyce...a taggy cuddley! With the way this child wets and spits up, he goes through a lot of wash and wear things!! Each one is lovingly used...and appreciated!!!

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yaya said...

What great pics Donna! He's so sweet and getting so big! He has lots of hair and beautiful eyelashes. I really need to come and see that little guy!