Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Judi!!

This is Judi (Left ) and me (right, in false eyelashes & flip...remember "That Girl"?!) in our college dorm room at Lutheran Hospital School of Nursing where we were roommates. We went to high school together too. Judi had been editor of the school newspaper & I was assistant editor where we became great friends and were often mistaken for sisters. She is celebrating a BIG birthday this year (60)! Cindy (bride) went to both schools with us too. She & Judi went to grade school together also. Following nursing school we all went to different hospitals, followed different career paths, moved to different cities and were in a lot of weddings together. (Judi far right, me next to her and Carol, Cindy's college roommate.)
We make an effort to see each other about once every 6 weeks or so and over the years have been lucky enough to get to go to many different places...(here in Toronto)

have many celebratory meals for many occasions....

here with husbands...(Larry with me and Harvey with Cindy)

and go on many adventures as we are growing older.

This is one of our special memories....we took our mothers, one Christmas to a tea at the Ritz. We were lucky enough to take them to mother-daughter banquets, home tours and outings like this for the short time that we had them. They are having a party in heaven without us now. Cindy next to her mother, Judi's mom at the end next to my mother, Judi and me.

Happy Birthday Judi and many, many more!!!!

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yaya said...

Awww, Happy Birthday Judi! The pics are so cute and touching (the Moms)...time goes so quickly but good friends make the journey worth it and fun!