Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cross Country season is over...yeah!!

Cross country season is over and Tim has time again for family socializing...yeah!! He brought Cooper for a visit today and tomorrow we are going there. So nice to see them all again! We missed Cooper's busy-ness, how he runs from place to place and his sunny personality! He missed the play house and all the 'treasures" stored there. He immediately found his bug-catcher backpack and had it on all day. (He went home with it too!)

He missed his buddy and invited him to come and play.
...and his other buddy, Aunt Chelsea,...

who helped in many ways.

And then he found an old friend too,...Emily (and mother Jen) who came to say "hi".

He is not a bit shy....look at Emily's face (sitting on her mother's lap)!!! hahahaha!!

It was a gorgeous day for November and he got out all the art supplies and "created".

It was one of those golden days that we will treasure! Thanks for visiting guys!!

Play tent in the family room...


yaya said...

I take it he likes stickers! What a cutie with those curls and those eyes! He's a busy one for sure. That tent looks really fun. (maybe Grandma can crawl inside for a nap too!)

Phil and Amanda said...

I laughed out loud with the picture of Cooper sitting in that little girl's mom's lap! She looks so mad! Kids are too funny!!