Thursday, July 16, 2009

Special lunches...

This week has been special ...I've had lunch with this group of friends for the last...gee, ummm, I don't even know how long it's been...but it's been a LONG time!! We go out for Winter birthdays for 2 of us and then Summer birthdays for the other two. Linda, on the right of me, is leaving next week to move to Maine. Libby is to the right of her and Debby is in the pink. Debby and Libby have children's weddings in August and we are looking forward to another milestone for them too. Linda, we will miss you!!! Then, yesterday I saw Miss Bailey for lunch...what a corker!! Miss cutie-pie is too much fun!! I asked her if she could lift the diaper bag and she grinned, grunted and did it!! See video at bottom...what a hoot!
We got a fancy dessert and Bailey was amazed by it (she got a fun meal from Burger-King...see the transformer toy from it...we put bows on him).

Then we went to Gymboree and got bracelets...

Note the wearing of the sunglasses on the top of her funny!! Thanks for a good time, girls!!


yaya said...

Tell Linda I'll miss seeing her and Jay walking around town making me feel guilty for not! (walking!) Bailey is a barrel or diaper bag full of fun!

L. P. said...

I would love a copy of the picture of the 4 of us. Miss you guys!