Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!!!

The day started out early...especially for Tim & Joni who came from Columbus to race in the Balloonfest 5k race this morning. Tim won a medal and Joni raced well too! Cooper and I cheered them on!! We came home to a fun new toy that Grandpa Larry had blown up for Bailey and Cooper....

It took a minute for them to get their balance....and then out!!!

the fun began!!!

Even the port holes were entertaining!!!

Then we had a picnic and celebrated the boys birthday which is Tuesday.

They gave each other cards....

and then Cooper read them.

Bailey thought they were pretty funny too! (actually this is the face that she makes when her dad asks her to smile!!! hahaha!)

-and the cake was delicious too!

In the afternoon we went down to the new Salvation Army waterpark...what a blast!!!

Literally!!! Some boys will be boys....of ALL ages!!! (Sorry two unidentified children...)

The kids really enjoyed all parts of it.

When they were turning a nice shade of blue, their dads bundled them up and we headed for home....
where Cooper entertained us by walking the tape...(scotch)...he makes me laugh!!!!
Our good friends who lived across and beside us when we were first married, -the Kistes and Pappas's -came to visit with their daughters who were born the same year as our boys and went to school with them. Now we all have grandchildren too!

Jennifer with Emily...

Cooper enticing Cate to go with him to the "Bubble Room".

Hi Cate!

Linda & Cate, Debby & Emily...Me with Cooper (what me sit???) & Bailey....

Tim & Cooper Mike & Bailey Lindsay & Cate Jen & Emily

A really special day!

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yaya said...

That water park does look fun! I'll have to check that out with my kiddos too! Glad you had a fun weekend with lots of visitors! Cooper reminds me of Jack's brother Dave's son when he was little..something about his hair and smile I guess!