Friday, January 30, 2009

One more snowflake...

This is Scoobie giving me a dirty look for making him go out. He and Sam (in front of him) can no longer, after the last snow, use their usual path. If someone would just dig a path for them, they might be a little happier, but alas, the snow shovel is buried beyond the door in the barn...4 pictures down. This winter has produced more snow than any since we have lived in this house!
A couple of posts back, I put in this same picture of the deck...see how much more snow there is now!

No visitors to the front door, that's for sure!!!

The barn door won't open until Spring...the shovel is inside....poor planning you say?

Coming Scoobie!!!!


yaya said...

Donna, I'm sitting here in SC visiting the kids, no snow outside, sunshine, all the cars are clean(no crappy white stuff over it)...took a morning walk and it felt like a crisp October day, need I say more? However, come Monday we turn back into snow beasts...sob sob sob

Donna said...

Well, I'm so jeal...HAPPY for you!!!