Saturday, January 31, 2009

January Cabin Fever Outing...

We were all feeling like a winter outing would do us good...colds, sore throats and snow needed to be overcome! We met in Columbus with the idea to buy Cooper some big boy clothes...he's outgrowing everything, -not a baby anymore! He was shy for a minute (couldn't be the camera in his little face...
-hey, when we get home, all we have are the pictures so I cherish each one!) when we met in California Pizza Kitchen, but soon charmed us all! He is always smiling and giggling. ...very fun to be with.

He is also daggoned all boy and very entertaining!

We went to the middle of the mall where there was a play yard and let him run around...and that he did!!!
But when we went shopping he was so good!!

He flirts with Aunt Chelsea a lot...

and when we found out that "ELMO" is his new fascination, & found one in the book store, we had to get it for him.

It was a day that definitely cured our winter blues!!!

video video

video video


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Linda said...

He's is amazingly big and grown up. Wow! No baby anymore. A cutie pie.