Sunday, January 25, 2009

Afternoon at the Science Center...

We decided that an afternoon of Bailey enterainment was just what we needed today....This is a muff that Chelsea had when she was Bailey's age. I dug it out and thought her little hands might keep warm using it...she doesn't seem to think putting her hands inside any animal is a great idea just yet...Mike and Lori are members of the Great Lakes Science Museum and you can tell that Bailey has been there before. It's a beautiful building with lots to do! The views below are looking out into the frozen Lake Erie outside. Right is the "Rock & Roll" Museum.

Bailey loves all the activites in the children's area...can she go and was she tired when we left!!! (so was Nana!!)

Video Clips show a busy little girl!!!


yaya said...

Looks like your weekend was action packed too! That's a really neat place. How long did it take to upload all the videos? Bailey looks like she had a ball. It's fun to watch our kids handle their kids! Time sure does fly doesn't it?

Linda said...

Looks like a great place. We'll have to take Cate their sometime.
Bailey is growing up so fast.